Sofia: 2 weeks

She’s two weeks yesterday! Half way through to the first month!!! She definitely went through a growth spurt this week, I can see that, and we had to deal with it!!!

She was not the angel baby as the first week, 4 days out of the week, she was cranky, demanding to be hold, wanting to nurse every hour, didn’t want to sleep during the day and crying more than often. The first day it happened, I was desperate, didn’t know what to do, googling during every nursing session about growth spurt. Well…. it’s normal for newborn to go through growth spurt at 10 days, 3 and 6 weeks. Sofia started behaving like that exactly at 10 days. Okay… if it’s growth spurt, it means it’s temporary, we can deal with that.

She still looks like an angel when she’s happy and half sleep (in rare occasions)





She likes to be hold when she’s awake (she would be cranking, grunting in bed, and the moment we pick her up, she stops! clever girl!!!)


I started putting her in the bobby lounge. I am still not sure if she likes it. When she’s peaceful, she can lie there and do her exercises (crawling), but when she’s cranky, she wants to get out.


she manages to escape from the swaddle easily when she truly wants it. Sometimes I just let her because she’s soooo cute like that


She likes music. When I play Baby Einstein from Pandora, she concentrates on listening with this face


She likes the swing a lot! Many times when she’s awake, we put her in the swing, she’d fall into sleep within 20 min. And if we stop it, she’d wake up.


I started putting her in the gym mat. I suspect her sight has developed this week because she seems to be looking at the toys. She can entertain herself in the mat for a good half hour before getting bored.


Every other day we bath her. She likes it most of the time.


I’m still in love with her post-nursing-relaxed face


And her no-reason-changing faces!!!


IMG_1871.JPG \


Awake time: she has been taking less naps this week. Maybe 2 or 3 short ones during the day, and sometimes just 1. It’s definitely harder for us to entertain her (without knowing exactly how). I can’t wait to take her out for walk. She seems to love to be outdoor (the two trips to the pediatrician she behaved really well)

Sleep: night sleep is mostly okay. 2 or 3 stretches of 2 to 3 hours. The problem is that sometimes she just doesn’t want to sleep after nursing, even if she didn’t take any nap in the afternoon. I suspect she’s overtired, but we have hard time to help her to fall into sleep. Fortunately either Star or my mom is taking care of her during that time so I get some sleep. After the first month, I’ll need to do some trying/training to figure things out.

Feeding: for those growth spurt days, she’d eat every hour or 1.5 hours but for 10-15 min, otherwise she eats every 2-3 hours for 20-30 min during the day and 3+ hours at night. Breast feeding is going very well. It doesn’t hurt anymore and she has no problem latching on right away. My milk supply got increased after the growth spurt (no surprise), if I don’t nurse her in 3 hours, I get uncomfortably full. I plan to start pumping this week and let Star or mom to feed her once a day to avoid nipple confusion later on. I got the medela free style pump, I tried it once and had to hold the bottle, so it wasn’t convenient. I just ordered the medela hand free bra, hopefully that makes pumping easier.

Crying: she cried more this week, requesting to eat or to be hold. At first it breaks my heart that she cries so hard, but I think I’m getting used to it, or I’m starting to believe that it’s normal for babies to cry, it’s their way to talk.

Weight: in her 2 weeks ped appointment, she gained 1 lb in 10 days!!! 😯 No doubt she’s eating well!!! I’m so proud of myself to be able to nurture my baby!!!

Misc: I have problem getting burp out of her after feeding. I tried all the methods and just can’t get any. Sometimes after I put her down to sleep, she’d sleep peacefully for 5 min, and then start crawling, grunting as she’s in pain. I suspect that she’s uncomfortable because of the trapped gas so I have to pick her up again, pad her back for 10 more min. I hope it’s that, and by holding her up for longer after every feeding can make her more comfortable and less spit up afterwards.

Looking forward: first outing next week (my dear friend Sarah’s baby shower).



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3 responses to “Sofia: 2 weeks

  1. We recently went through a growth spurt too. It is rough!!! Hang in there. After my baby’s growth spurt he was exhausted and slept constantly for about 2 days. So you’ll get some rest soon I hope!

  2. Oooh, Sofia is so beautiful, Coco! I love all the different faces she makes and how she already has her own personality, complete with likes and dislikes. Her listening face for music is so cute! You are an amazing mother…a huge congrats to you on your beautiful child!

  3. You have taken some gorgeous photos, Coco! Sofia looks like such a peaceful, happy baby..

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