Food: phase I

* It has been a rough day yesterday. Sofia wanted to eat every hour and didn’t want to take any nap during the day, and wanted to be held all the time! I hope she’s experimenting growth spurt and not change of habit. Finger crossed!

Nutrition is very important for women after giving birth in chinese culture. There are specific guidelines, sometimes too strict, that many people followed for centuries. Some of them are ridiculous, others seem to have a scientific reason behind. I’m not following all of them, just those that makes sense to me.

The first phase is elimination of the waste. I’m supposed to eat very light, only easily digestive  and no greasy food, and lots of fluid in form of soup (both savory and sweet). My mom is in charge of my meals and here’s some example of what I ate during the first week at home.

Breakfast: Fermented rice with eggs




vegetable soup


sauteed lettuce


sauteed kabocha


steamed egg



sauteed broccoli with black fungus and shiitake mushroom


tofu spinach soup with mushrooms


homemade fish broth



another veggie soup



tofu with shrimp and black fungus


and I started taking placenta pills! I don’t know what it’s doing to me, but overall I feel pretty good, no postpartum blue and good milk supply.


For snacks, I’ve been drinking aduki bean soup, fruit soup, fermented rice soup and tons of water.

Phase II is about iron replenishment. Will post meals next week. 🙂



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2 responses to “Food: phase I

  1. ahhh congratulations and I’m late on telling you that, “yayyyy Sofia is here!” 😀 omgsh that has gone quick huh?! But maybe not for you…lol. And that’s funny in korean culture eating WELL post pregnancy is like, the 1st command of all commands and moms make their daughters a bunch of seaweed soup, rice, and porridge. It looks like you’re doing better than most people in that regard! Keep it up Coco ❤

  2. Your Mom has been doing a GREAT job on your meals,Coco! All those soups and broths are perfect for the chilly fall weather, too.

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