Sofia: 1 week

Yesterday was Sofia’s 1 week “birthday”. I can’t believe how fast time flies despite the seemly repetitive and “boring” routine of feeding, diaper change, sleep and repeat! Actually I find myself really busy and entertained, fascinated with the new role! πŸ™‚ I guess that’s because I truly love to be Sofia’s mom.

She’s an angel. Not in the sense that she’s Star and mine’s little angel, but objectively she’s an angel baby.

Awake time: she sleeps quite a lot during the day but while she’s awake, she’s quiet if she has been changed and fed. She can lie on the bed by herself, just looking around and does not fuzz and does not request us to hold her.

Star, mom and I love watching her so peacefully learning the world




I wonder what’s in her little mind. πŸ™‚

Sleep: from day 4-7 a routine started to develop. She takes a long nap after morning feeding for about 2-3 hrs. Then take several short naps in the afternoon and evening, 30-60 min each. And then from 10 or 11 pm she sleeps for 3-4 hrs, wakes up, eats and goes back to sleep another long stretch until the next day. This is really a bless! I know… if you’re a newborn mom, you might want to know what’s our secret. Honestly, I think we’re just lucky. We don’t do sleep training (yet). According to my mom, if a baby is healthy and comfortable, she/he will not fuzz so much.

But it hasn’t been like this from day 1 at home. The first night, she woke up every 2 hrs or so, I fed her and put her back to sleep. Note that every feeding took +40 min, so basically I was sleeping less than an hour each time if I could fall into sleep. That was not easy but it wasn’t too bad. I was surprised how little sleep I need. And also that’s how newborn usually behave.

The 2nd and 3rd night was rough. She was up every 30-45 min and wanted to eat. We thought she was fuzzing so Star carried her and walked around, but she still showed signs of wanting to eat, so I gave in and fed her. Those two sleepless nights left me exhausted and worried that it would be like that for a long time. I even thought about pumping out the milk so someone else can feed her during the night so I can sleep a bit. But after thinking about it more, I decided not to do that just because it would be easier for me but more likely not good for Sofia at this stage (nipple confusion?). So we started another routine. I took the idea from Kath and Matt. Star takes care of Sofia the first half of the night (10pm-3am), they sleep in the nursery and I sleep in the master bedroom. When she wants to eat, Star brings her to me, I feed her and he brings her back to change diaper and put her into sleep. The second half of the night I take care of feeding, diaper change and put her into sleep, and she sleeps in the pack ‘n play in the master bedroom. With this arrangement, both Star and I get around 6 hrs of sleep at night (accumulated), which is a lot. The first night we tried it, she slept 4 hrs, 3 hrs, and 3 hrs. It was glorious. We both felt amazing the next day.

However, she does fuzz a bit at night, typically from 6-10pm. She eats frequently, every 1-2 hrs, and either takes short naps of 30 min each or none. It’s common for babies to fuzz during this time frame. From what I’ve read, it’s because milk supply at night is lower, so she needs to eat more often. In addition, she eats more to prepare for long sleeps afterwards. Once I figure out why it’s happening, I feel much better when she fuzz, otherwise I get anxious of not knowing what to do to sooth her.

And when she sleeps… she’s adorable too! πŸ™‚



we started to put her on the swing. She likes it and sometimes sleeps in it for naps.


Feeding: breast feeding is going really well. My milk came in on the third day and before that we didn’t give her anything except colostrum (assuming that I had it). I was a bit worried that my milk was not coming because she was making maconium poops but no pee. If i didn’t get milk, I was afraid that she’d get dehydrated. Fortunately, all these worries went away when she pee for the first time! πŸ™‚

She latches well and fast. The first few days, each feeding session lasted about 40-45 min between the two breasts. I think there were two reasons: 1) milk or colostrum was low in supply so she needs to suck for longer to get them; 2) she easily falls into sleep while nursing, so I had to constantly arouse her (rub her hair, her face, her feet) to wake her up. She still falls sleep now, but less often. The last two days, she became more efficient, each session lasts 30-35 min. I can tell from how she eats that my milk is enough for her because I can hear the swallowing and that she’s content after each feeding.

My nipples were sore the first few days, but now it’s much better. It only hurts when she latches on, not much when she eats.

I had blocked duct once and I entered into panic. It was like rock hard and it hurts when I try to massage it. I even tried pumping to soft it but it didn’t work. Fortunately after two feeding sessions, it was gone. Sofia is much better sucker than the pump! πŸ™‚ In order to avoid it happening again, I’m nursing her both sides each time and switching which is the first one every time. It’s also good to switch sides to keep her awake. Usually we change her diaper between feeding.

Once milk came in, she became the champion of poops! She makes 6+ or more dirty diapers and 7+ wet diapers per day. We even learned cues of her making poops! πŸ™‚

I burp her after every feeding. I don’t always get a burp out of it, but I guess the fact of keeping her up for few minutes is good nonetheless. Furthermore, I love seeing her satisfied face when burping her



I guess she’s wondering why I’m arousing her after her favorite activity (nursing)


she spits up a bit sometimes

look at this face!!! i want to kiss her soooo badly even typing now.


I am truly in love with her chubby face!!! πŸ˜†


Crying: she doesn’t cry much. If she cries it’s because she needs to be fed or changed. Usually we catch the cues earlier, so she rarely cries loud for long. Sometimes she’d cry when we change her diaper or cloth because she doesn’t like to be naked. The moment we put on cloth, she stops crying.

Weight: in her first pediatrician check up she weighted 6 lb. 5 oz, the same as when she was discharged from the hospital, so she lost 3 oz from her birth weight, which is below normal range of 5%. Β The doctor said everything looks terrific!

Lastly… she has been making funny faces like this




and unconscious laughs



Star and I are both amazed by how much joy this little person can bring to us. We don’t find hard to take care of her, even it means constant feeding, changing dirty diapers, sleepless nights without any feedback from her yet. We simply love looking her. We’re in love with our greatest gift! πŸ™‚



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5 responses to “Sofia: 1 week

  1. I cannot even deal with how cute Sophie is

  2. She is absolutely darling!! How fortunate you are to have such a peaceful baby. Enjoy!

    PS. I love that shade of blue with the white trim in that room! So pretty.

  3. Great photos! Love the funny faces & smiles pics!

  4. What a little sweetie!! I’m so happy for you that she is a contented baby…what a dream. I’m glad you figured out a way to get the sleep you need, this is the hardest part and it’s wonderful that you have Star and your mom to help out! We have that same swing and love it, I don’t know what we would do without it honestly as Ryan sleeps in there all day long!

  5. Sounds like the new family of 3 is adjusting well! This is so good to read….Lord knows a new baby can be a challenge in terms of getting into a routine. I look forward to reading more baby posts!

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