First 2 days as parents

After my doc finished with me and Sofia. They took once more my vital signs and the nurse helped me to go to the bathroom. I needed to pee once before being transferred to the recovery room. I said before that I could feel my legs, well, I did, but they were useless. The moment I stand up, I would fall if the nurse and Star weren’t holding me. I had to lock my knees and move very very slowly. I didn’t feel any urge to pee, but the moment I sit on the toilet, I started to pee, quite a lot and without pain. I was glad that it was easy because sometimes it could be painful and no pee.

We moved to the recovery room around midnight and started a family of three! :lol:. They brought Sofia from the nursery and we tried to nurse. She was very sleepy and we had to undress her to wake her up a bit. I didn’t know how to put her on my breast, well, I know what’s in theory (the nose to the nipple, wide open mouth, sandwich hold, etc.) but didn’t know exactly how in practice. The nurse helped me, but Sofia wouldn’t latch on correctly, I guess partly because she didn’t know either and because she just wanted to sleep. I tried a couple of times before sending her back to the nursery. The nurse would bring her back in 3 hrs.


Star took my mom back and I slept for 1.5 hrs. Glorious 1.5 hrs!!! When he came back, he helped me to go to the bathroom again, although I still didn’t feel any urge. My legs were less numb but still couldn’t manage them well. Then, something funny happened. The moment I got off the bed and started “walking”, blood and pee were all over the floor and I didn’t feel a thing! 😯 Incontinent I was.

Sofia was back to our room around 3am. I tried to nurse again, she nursed for few sucks each side and fall sleep again. I wasn’t too worried since most newborns don’t eat for the first 24 hrs. But I’m glad that we keep trying to get the latch right preparing for when milk come in.

We slept for another 2 hrs and we started the day (9/27) as parents!

During the day Sofia was in our room most of the time, unless I feel really tired and need to take a nap. And when that happens, the moment I wake up, I miss her terribly so I ask Star to bring her back. I am amazed by how fast I became so close to her. She’s so tiny and fragile, I want to take care of her all the time. I don’t feel that I have plenty of time to be with her when we go home and need to take advantage of the nursery, I simply want to have her with me all the time! I know it sounds insane and a bit obsessive, but wait until you have a baby to feel it! πŸ™‚ Just look at this face


Nursing was getting better in term of latch on but she was still not interested in eating. I started to worry that what if she doesn’t want to it even after the first 24 hrs? What if my milk does not come in without stimulation? I called several times to the lactation consultant and she finally paid me a visit in the afternoon. She looked at how Sofia latched on and said that latch was good; told me again that it’s perfectly normal for the newborn to sleep over eating at this stage; to keep trying; and finally she would come first thing next day to check on me again. She was really nice and I felt less concerned after seeing her. However, magically, right away LC left, Sofia latched on and started sucking!!! πŸ˜† I felt like winning a lottery!!! I was so proud of myself and Sofia to work this out so fast!!! Although I don’t know if she was actually getting any food (collestrum), I wasn’t too worried as she started pooping (meconium), and did it several times.

Food at the hospital was not so appetizing. Although a big selection was offered, I didn’t want to eat any of them. Furthermore, in chinese culture, the first 4 weeks postpartum is very important for the women, and eating well and proper is one of the pillars. (will talk more about that later). So my mom brought me food everyday and Star ate hospital food. An example:


cheese and ham omelet, bacon, potato, french toasts, grapes, stewed prunes, all bran cereal and milk.

Another interrupted sleep night with 2 feedings. I didn’t bother me at all! Yes, I know, I’m surprised too. I used to think a good sleep is a must for my physical and mental well being. The second feeding was at 2:30 AM, and the nurse was supposed to bring Sofia again around 5:30 AM, but she didn’t. I waited until 6AM and called. They were doing some tests and said it should be over soon. 6:30 AM, still no Sofia, I couldn’t wait longer and went to the nursery myself. Tests were still not finished and they wouldn’t let me take her. It had been 4 hrs since she last ate. I began to get mad with the nurse of how inconsistent she was. At 7AM, I asked Star to go to the nursery again and take Sofia no matter what! She needed to eat! Let the tests wait!!! πŸ‘Ώ Fortunately Star came back with Sofia and she was still peacefully sleeping. It melted my heart once again! πŸ™‚


On Friday 7/28, it was time to go home with Sofia. The discharge process took longer than expected, we left the hospital around 1 PM instead of 11 AM. Sofia lost 3 oz., which is negligible for a newborn, she didn’t have jaundice, everything looked great! πŸ™‚

We had to put her on the car seat, I was afraid that she wouldn’t like it since it’s so tiny. Fortunately she didn’t complain and slept through the whole 20 min ride home. πŸ™‚





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5 responses to “First 2 days as parents

  1. Again, Coco….she is just precious! I’m glad things are going well so far. πŸ™‚

  2. So beautiful! Hope you all are doing well at home and that Sofia is nursing well πŸ™‚

  3. She’s AMAZING!!!! Congrats to both you and Star. You are going to be amazing parents. I’m so happy for you both. You had a baby, and I got married!! πŸ™‚

  4. I felt the same way about wanting to be with my baby all the time. It was such an intense feeling, especially when they would take him for tests and things like that.

    It’s amazing how before the baby came getting less than 8 hours of sleep made me feel terrible, but now I am woken up at least 3 times a night and it doesn’t bother me. I guess our bodies learn to adapt when we become mothers!

  5. Love the car seat pics! Sooo cute! And so soon she’ll fill it all out… πŸ™‚

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