Sofia’s birth story

I was scheduled for induction on 9/26 6am. We knew that we were going to have a baby either that day or the next one for sure, which was going to change our life forever. Needless to say the whole family was anxious.

last shot of Sofia inside me


We checked in and the nurse looked at me like I was committing a crime. Why would you want to be induced before 40 weeks? Don’t you know that it might cause a long labor and increase risk for c-section? Why do you have such a small belly? Why you gained so little while we started underweight? Why your doctor didn’t warn you? All these questions were asked and I didn’t know how to defend myself.
When she left, I started doubting myself. Am I doing this right? Did I do everything I could during pregnancy to give the best to Sofia? Until the day before I knew these answers, but at that precise instant, I had doubts.
They put me on IV and two monitors while waiting for my OB/GY. He came around 7:30, checked me, I was still between 1-2cm and was having minor and irregular contractions by my own. I asked him whether if induction would harm the baby and if it increases the risk of c-section. He said no with confidence. I trust him and was relived.

The delivery room


At 9:30 pitocin started, at very low dosis, 3ml/hr. contractions started right away but they were not too painful, 3-4 on a scale of 10. They feel like period cramps, not as the birth class instructor said, from back to front. To me, they were just period cramps that I used to have when I was a teenager. They became regular, 4-5 min, 30-40 sec each. Oh btw, until now the most uncomfortable part was the checking part, it’s painful. Although I was in 2 monitors and IV, I could still move around. We even did a 30 min walk on the hallway. And took naps.


At 1:30 pm my doc came to check me. I was just 3cm dilated. He broke the water saying that this will make contractions more effective. They increased the pitocin from 3-6, and then to 12.

At 2pm, I was almost 4cm dilated but the contractions became really painful. I went from 3-4 to almost 10!!! They lasted longer, 45 sec and were closer, 2-3 min. I was trying to get through each of them by moving around finding a position that relieves the pain, but no position could do that. I was desperate. I needed relieve. So I asked for the epidural, which was planned and agreed with the doc before hand. The anesthesiologist came in 15 min. He wanted to explain me the procedure but I was in the middle of a contraction and the nurse asked him to wait until it’s over. I guess it’s pretty obvious that I was suffering. The procedure took like 15 min. Although it was  uncomfortable, I was determined to collaborate with my best to make it work despite how hard was to stay still during a contraction. Once it was done, the relieve came within 5 min. I could still feel the contractions but much much less pailful. I was in a low doses and had a button to click for more. I could still feel my lower part,  move my legs, they were just a bit numb. However, they wouldn’t allow me to get off the bed so they put a catheter which I didn’t feel it at all. All in all, I probably felt the real contractions for about an hour, which was enough to know how hard it would be without an epidural. My mom came around 5pm and saw how “comfortable” I was, nothing like one would imagine being in labor.


At 6:30pm doc came and I was just 5cm. Although my contractions were text book like, regular and strong, they were doing little progress. I was afraid that my doc would suggest more invasive ways to speed up things, but he didn’t. He simply said, “well, contractions are nice, you are progressing, so we continue like this, maybe we will have a baby by midnight.” “thank you doc!” I continued on bed rest, took a nap and had lotus powder and eat some chocolate to keep energy up. During these few hours, pitocin was increased to 24. I started to feel more pain, so I pressed the button of the epidural to get some more relieve, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. but they were still bearable.

At 9:30pm, the new nurse came in to check me because my doc was on the phone. “you are 8-9 cm” woooo!!! Those are magical words. My mom, Star and I got really excited!!! We were so close! Doctor was on his way and I hoped that by the time he arrives, I would be fully dilated.

Doctor came in at 10pm and checked me. “I can touch the baby’s hair, you are ready to push” okay. It’s show time! The nurse and the doctor prepare the scene for the action! I was expecting more people to come at that stage, but no, it was just us, the doc, the nurse, Star, mom and me. I think it was a good sign because that means everything was going fine and we didn’t need more interventions. The nurse hold one leg,  mom hold the other (I didn’t want Star to look)  Since I could feel the contractions from the start, they asked me to take deep breath and push as if it was the biggest poop in my life, push for 10 sec, take another deep breath and push again, do three times for each contraction. I did that using all my will and power. I didn’t feel any pain in that area, not even feeling the urge to push. After the first one, the doc said I was a great pusher, and that we could have a baby in 15 contractions. How encouraging!!! Although I didn’t feel the baby coming out, their words made me believe that I was doing it correctly and that we were really close. After each contraction, my doc applied oil there and did massage to prevent tearing. I think I pushed for 15 min, in the last push, I was still pushing when the doc told me to stop, I looked up and I saw sofia’s head. “okay, head is out, shoulders is out, legs are out, the baby is out” doc say said. She, the most precious and the cutest baby in my world, was born at 10:26 pm. She cried out right away. They handed her to me and I couldn’t stop smiling, laughing. I didn’t cry but I was very emotional. I couldn’t believe that she’s my baby, that I carried her for 9 month, that I was still feeling her moving in my belly just few hours ago! Although I never met her, I didn’t find her strange, instead, I founded her face very familiar.


The nurse cleaned her a bit while she was still on me. The doc sucked her nose and her mouth. Star cut the cord and the nurse brought her to the baby station. My doc continued to work on me, massaging my pelvic. The placenta came out within 5 min, I didn’t feel a thing. I had 1st degree tear so he had to do some stitches. Meanwhile, the nurse did the eye oilment and checked her. Her apgar was 8-9! She was 6 lbs 7.9 oz. (2.945kg) and 19.5 inch (49.5 cm).  Star and mom were there the whole time, and I enjoyed her crying! 🙂



I’ve read new moms saying that it is the best experience they’ve ever had and that they love immensely to this new person. I could finally feel it myself and it is true. When I look at her face, my heart melts; I want to look at her all the time; each movement and expression of hers seems the cutest thing in the world; life seems complete with her!!!




to be continued (first 2 days)



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8 responses to “Sofia’s birth story

  1. She is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen ! I’m happy to hear that your labour and delivery went well, Coco! Wish I lived closer so I could visit!

  2. What an amazing story!! Sofia is so adorable…aren’t those first few moments just so wonderful?? Hope you are getting some rest and adjusting well to life with a baby 🙂

  3. she is srsly the cutest newborn baby ever..!!! ❤ congrats love

  4. Congratulations!!! What a wonderful story and she is so precious! That moment of meeting your baby for the first time is so amazing. Nothing could ever compare!

  5. Thanks for sharing your story! Seeing and holding your baby for the first time is so magical… Enjoy this wonderful time!

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