Pregnancy journal: 35 weeks

35 weeks = 35 days left until the due date!!! 😯 Isn’t it crazy????

It was a good week, nothing major happened in term of discomfort. The major symptom is that I love SLEEPING!!! I sleep 9 hrs everyday from M-T and over the weekend I sleep 9+ hrs at night and 1 or 2 naps of 1 hr during the day. One reason that could cause that is that I don’t sleep deep because I dream soooo much. Every night I have 5-6 dreams. Another reason is night trips to the bathroom, between 3-5 times and sometimes I can’t fall sleep right away. Fortunately overall I’m sleeping very well and most of the days I feel rested.

We’re getting more and more prepared. Sofia can arrive any time and we’re ready! 🙂

Belly-wise, I don’t see much change although it’s obvious that she has less and less room to move because her movements hurt!!! Knee, elbows poking out all the time!




How I’m feeling at 35 weeks

  • Baby size: coconut. almost 20 inches, 5.25 lb.
  • Sleep: 8-9 hrs, 3-5 trips to the bathroom.
  • Cravings: still liking white peaches.
  • Appetite/hunger: Not much. Eating is boring. Just making sure that I get enough nutrients everyday.
  • Exercise: 45 min of ET or incline walking in the AM and 40 min leisure walking at night. My legs get sore but I doubt it’s exercise induced, the same happen to my hips. Just hormones acting!
  • Symptoms: Lower back, hips and leg soreness. If I sit on a chair in a comfortable position, when I get up, I feel a sharp pain on my lower back.
  • Weight: 0. So 10 lb in total. I hope my doctor don’t get mad at me for not gaining much these 3 weeks.
  • Maternity cloth? Got my first pair of preggy pant. I ordered it online in China and mom brought it to me. A lot of people say these pants are really comfortable, but I find the belly part too big even for my 35 weeks bump. So I’ll use it with very lose and long tops.
  • Stretch marks? Nope.
  • Gender: Girl!!!
  • Movement: Still a lot of movements and everywhere. Up, down, left, right and all day long. I think Sofia is a daytime girl as her mom. Hopefully when she also likes sleeping at night when she comes out.
  • Emotions: Happy and excited! It’s getting really close and we are mentally and physically prepared. Can’t wait to meet her! 😆
  • Looking forward: doctor appointment this week. We might start talking about birth plan.

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  1. myhealthyohana

    Congrats, you are so close now!

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