Pregnancy journal: 34 weeks

Days are flying by!!! I’m 3 weeks away from full term and <6 weeks for the due date! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ Shocking and exciting!

I feel more and more pregnant now… with pregnancy discomfort catching me finally. Not terrible but noticeable enough. First it’s the lower back. Before I only get discomfort some nights, now I have the discomfort all day long, and it gets the worse at night. After dinner, I don’t know how to sit or lie on the couch to feel comfortable… no position is comfortable anymore. I don’t think it’s due to the growing belly, but because of the hormones and my body preparing for labor. Fortunately Star is getting better and better on the massage. Every night he’ll do me 20-30 min massage on lower back and hips, which is another place that I feel soreness.

Second issue: sleep. I’m still sleeping 8-9 hrs, but low quality. Dreams are getting intense, I could easily have 5-6 different dreams a night, which left me restless in the morning. In addition to that, I need to get up 3+ times to go to the bathroom. Somedays I can get back to sleep easily, others not so easy. I’m taking it easy, if I can’t sleep, then I’ll read. I won’t let it to stress me out. I’d better get used to not sleeping straight and well. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lastly issue: hemorroid. Yes! It’s disgusting and painful. It’s not too bad. I had it for just 4 days and it got better. I googled and apparently it’s a common pregnancy symptom affecting 75% of the women. I didn’t know what causes it, but I swithed up a bit what I was eating (more fiber, started eating corns), and I am almost back to normal.

Another thing that happened last week is that the baby was moving so much that it hurt! I thought that she’s getting not enough room for movements by now… but holy crap! some of those kicking and punching really hurt!!!

Let’s see how the belly changed this week. I think it’s dropping a bit? And it’s getting a torpedo look? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ





How Iโ€™m feeling at 34 weeks

  • Baby size: coconut. almost 20 inches, 5 lb.
  • Sleep: 8-9 hrs, but restless.
  • Cravings: Liking watermelon and white peach.
  • Appetite/hunger: No food tastes good anymore. And the space is getting smaller. Most of nights after dinner, I feel so full that if I drink 1 oz. more of liquid, I’d explode.
  • Exercise: Getting harder on the treadmill, so I’m slowing down and do less. I do enjoy the walk after dinner with Star.
  • Symptoms: Fullness continues. Lower back and hips discomfort. Hemorroid.
  • Weight: about 1/2 lb. So a little over 10 lb. in total.
  • Maternity cloth? None. I’ve decided not to use any maternity cloth! What’s the point when I’m so close.
  • Stretch marks? Nope.
  • Gender: Girl!!!
  • Movement: Still a lot of movements. Sometimes as high as my stomach or just under the ribs, sometimes very low. I am guessing the former are her legs and the later her hands because of the intensity of the movements.
  • Emotions: Happy happy happy!!! My baby shower was so much fun!!!
  • Looking forward: doctor appointment next week. Hopefully the position is right.
  • Books: I thought I was done, but a friend recommended me Baby Whisper, so I’ll read that one this weekend.


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2 responses to “Pregnancy journal: 34 weeks

  1. Wow, 34 weeks! You’re nearly there ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. kristaskravings

    I had hemroids, too! Feels like walking around with grapes in your butt! LOL Seriously, though….they are zero fun. Your back & hips likely ache because they are widening in preparation for birth. Have your tried lying on your side with a pillow between your legs? That use to help take the pressure off for me…

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