Life: weekly recap

Another week flew by. I’ve been more tired last week so I’ve been leaving work an hour earlier. Fortunately my work allows me to work flexible times and flexible work loads, perfect for a pregnancy lady. πŸ™‚

Star and I started a new routine. After dinner around 8pm we’d go out for a 40 min walk. We have a walking/running/cycling path close by and the weather was nice last week. We both enjoy the walk because it allows us to bond and think about life with our little girl in about 50 days! πŸ™‚

Friday: I woke up as usual, workout a bit, had breakfast and went back to week for another 2.5 hrs. It was strange because I slept 9 hrs the night before. But maybe I was catching up the lost sleep during the week. Nowadays I need 9 hrs to not feel sleep deprived. Pregnancy made me enjoy sleep more than ever in my life.

In the afternoon, I went to have my monthly prenantal massage which felt great because I’ve been having some lower back pain at night. Star tried to massage it but the relieve was just temporary.

Later, I went to a hair salon to have my hair cut, when I arrived home Star had everything prepared for dinner. What a wonderful husband. πŸ™‚

Saturday: we went out for lunch with a friend and I chosed korean food. Sometimes when I don’t have much appetite, spicy food can make me eat a bit more, which worked again! πŸ™‚



both my friend and I ordered hot stone bibimbap with kimchi and beef as entree


it came with a bed of rice, bean sprouts, kimchi and beef. I gave all the beef to Star and finished the rest. I also ordered my favorite dish in that restaurant, tofu and seafood casserole.


It’s very spicy and tasty, I finished it all.

Star had udon noodles with fish cakes and all the beef of my meal.


I left satisfied and stuffed. Haven’t had such a big meal in a while, which left me without any appetite for dinner.

After saying goodbye to our friend, we went to watch Bourne Legacy, which was just okay.

Sunday: we had our express childbirth class. It is offered by the hospital where I’ll be deliverying. I opted for the express class instead of weekend long class because I’ve read quite a bit about the whole process, and IΒ knew that I’ll get an epidural. It went from 10-5 and it covered topics ranging from 3 stages of labor, medication used, C-section, postpartum and a mini session of massage.


Star took note during the whole class. I think it’s very useful class for the partner/husband to get them into the role of father-to-be.

The class left me exhausted!!! 😯 I don’t know why I was so tired afterward. I sit there the whole time with a balance ball to rest my feet. But when we left, I told Star, let’s skip the after dinner walk. By 9pm I was in my bed. The late pregnancy fatigue hit me hard!!!



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4 responses to “Life: weekly recap

  1. I remember feeling tired in the third trimester after having had so much energy in the second trimester.

    Your evening walks sound great. Going on walks in the evenings was one of our favorite activities when the kid was still small enough (and willing) to go into a stroller. Now we still go for walks in the evenings when we can, but we have to turn them into “adventure walks/treasure hunts” to keep the kid interested… πŸ™‚

  2. That’s wonderful that your job is so flexible! Yes, fatigue definitely sets in about now. Hope you are able to get some much deserved rest! I’m starting to get by on less and less sleep, almost like my body is gearing up for all those sleepless nights ahead πŸ˜‰

  3. So great that your workplace is so accommodating! I bet you and Star are getting very excited to meet your new little one!

  4. All the food looks delicious! And what a good husband you have there, you’re so lucky! He’s obviously going to be a very efficient and loving ‘hands-on’ dad! Look forward to reading more!

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