Pregnancy journal: 33 weeks

I had my monthly OB/GY appointment last week and it went very well. He first measured my belly and it was 2 weeks behind so we moved to the ultrasound room and did a quick check to make sure the baby is not small. And she wasn’t. Actually she was 3 days ahead! 😆 Yupi for a small belly and a big baby! 🙂

I don’t most women starts going every two weeks to the OB/GY. My doctor is not very concerned about me since everything looks very good, so he’ll see me in 3 weeks. By then I’ll be 35 weeks! Woooo!!! I’m shocked even by typing this… it’s getting soooooooooooo close!!!!!!!!

Major change this week: fatigue and frequent trips to the toilet. Fatigue hit me hard! I can’t get enough sleep and rest. Although physically I don’t feel so big to move uncomfortably, I am tired most of the time. And the trips to toilet is getting more and more frequent. If I’m not working or focusing on something, I want to go to the toilet every 10 min and do little! Fortunately night trips to the bathroom is still manageable, 2 times in average, sometimes 3, and usually I can go back to sleep without problem.

Belly pics. It looks like that I’m carrying low, but actually I feel all the movements in my stomach, sometimes just under the ribs.





How I’m feeling at 33 weeks

  • Baby size: pineapple.17.2 inches, 4.2 lb.
  • Sleep: 8-9 hrs, preferably 9 hrs. However, sometimes even after 9 hrs of sleep, I feel restless. Maybe due to intense dreams?
  • Cravings: Liking watermelon and white peach.
  • Appetite/hunger: less and less room in the stomach. I can eat 1/2 to 2/3 of the quantity I used to eat. In addition, finding something appetizing is getting harder too. Many days I go to the cafeteria and just don’t know what to buy for lunch. 😦
  • Exercise: The usual, incline walking and ET, but slowing down even more.
  • Symptoms: Fullness and slow bowel movement. I thought I was lucky to not get constipation during pregnancy… well, I was, until now. Will try to drink more warm water and fiber food.
  • Weight: +0 this week. 10 lbs. in total.
  • Maternity cloth? None. I got a linen pant from BR last week that is for petite. The waist line is loose and it uses tie in addition to the zipper. So I just use it unzipped at the end and use the tie. loving it.
  • Stretch marks? Nope.
  • Gender: Girl!!!
  • Movement: A lot of movements everywhere. She’s taking the full belly. A lot of rolls. Many times I feel something hard coming out, I guess they’re either knees or elbows.
  • Emotions: Happy and excited. I can’t wait to meet her in less than 50 days!!! It’s surreal that I’ll meet the real baby so soon. Am I prepared? somedays I think we are, others I feel that emotionally I’m not ready yet.
  • Looking forward: baby shower this weekend. 20+ friends will come to celebrate with me, and two special guests from NYC!!! 😆
  • Books: I’m done with baby books reading. I guess I’ll re-read some of them before actually using the techniques.


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3 responses to “Pregnancy journal: 33 weeks

  1. We are so excited to come down!! You look great – definitely have the pregnant glow now 🙂

  2. You’re almost there!! How exciting!

  3. Baby showers are so much fun! Enjoy!

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