Pregnancy journal: 32 weeks

This week the growth spurt went to another level!!! Look how much my belly grew! Actually, it expanded for 2 cms!!! 😯

I felt my belly expanding all the time. It was like I’ve over ate and that my belly was about to explode. No surprise that when I measured my belly and step to the scale, it confirmed my suspicion! 🙂

Fortunately I’m still sleeping well and no pain or discomfort of any kind. I’ve read that leg cramps, ribs and pelvic pain are normal in this stage. I’m lucky to be clean on those so far! Finger crossed!

I think I had my first Braxton contraction. I only experienced once. It felt like the belly suddenly tighten and got hard like a stone… no pain, just tightness, and then very quickly it relaxes to normal.




veins all over my body is noticeable, no wonder I’m carrying 30-50% blood


How I’m feeling at 32 weeks 

  • Baby size: squash. 15.2- 16.7 inches, 2.5-3.8 lb.
  • Sleepreally good. For 3 nights, I slept over 9 hrs! It felt so great! 🙂 Now I’m mostly sleeping on my left side, sometimes with a pillow between the legs.
  • Cravings: Liking watermelon and white peach.
  • Appetite/hunger: Not much, most of time I feel very full although I’ve only ate a little. Snacking on fruits, greek yogurt and cereals.
  • Exercise: The usual, incline walking and ET.
  • Symptoms:  Fullness, like the belly is expanding constantly.
  • Weight: almost 2 lbs! Woooo!!! Some real growth finally!!! It put me just about 10 lbs in total.
  • Maternity cloth? Not yet. Living in dresses these days.
  • Stretch marks? Nope.
  • Gender: Girl!!!
  • Movement: Still quite a lot although not big movements. Sometimes I feel parts of her polling out… like a hand or leg.. it’s so fun to watch it from the outside and guessing what is it.
  • Emotions: Happy! As the belly grows and reading that she’s about 4 lbs, and over 40 cms feels surreal. Is really a person inside me? Am I growing a real person?  It’s really an amazing feeling.
  • Looking forward: Next week’s appointment and the upcoming baby shower on 8/18.
  • Books: reading 7 steps to Raising a Bilingual Child. Star and I would like Sofia to speak spanish and mandarin. The plan is that Star will talk to her in chinese and I’ll talk to her in spanish. My mom will probably talk to her in shanghainese. We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully the poor girl doesn’t get too confused 😉


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2 responses to “Pregnancy journal: 32 weeks

  1. Awesome that she will be trilingual! (Or even 4-lingual with the Shanghainese!)

  2. kristaskravings

    Look at that baby grow! Love it! 🙂

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