Pregnancy: buying for Sofia

Well… technically it was my mom buying for Sofia. I haven’t bought anything for her although finished the registry. I know most expecting mom’s love buying cloth for the newborn, they’re just too cute to pass by, but I’m not one of them. I’m more practical. I think about big items that we definitely need, do research on them and decide which ones we’d get. I’ve also decided on all nursing related items. However, cloth is something that I’m not that interested. I know we’d receive a lot as gifts, so I want to wait until after the baby shower to go to the store and pick up whatever we need. For the first few months, I think she’ll live in onesies and pajamas.

Star came back with one big suitcase of things for Sofia, some gifts from friends in Shanghai, some bought by my mom.


some cute items like this bag (although I doubt we’d use it until…. 2 years later?)


leg warmers and cute head band


these socks are soooo cute.


look this princess look shoe


and this….


soooo cute!!!

Last weekend we got the car seat. A friend of mine gave it to us. Their daughter, whose name is also Sofia, is 1 year and 4 months old. So this car seat is pretty unused. Reviews for Chicco are great. I was deciding between this one and Graco ones. So I’m really glad to receive it as gift.



they have the exact same stroller that we plan to buy, the Jogger City Mini


So they gave us the adapter for the car seat on this stroller. Can’t be more perfect! 🙂 The car seat is green so we plan to buy this gray one to match. We want it gender neutral for future use 🙂



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3 responses to “Pregnancy: buying for Sofia

  1. How cute! Your’e all set 🙂 We also have the Chicco Keyfit carseat and the City Mini. I love the city mini, it’s so easy to maneuver and folds up with only one hand! I just bought the glider board for it so our older daughter can stand while the new baby sits in the stroller 🙂

  2. Everything is really adorable — especially those pink princess shoes! 🙂 You must be getting so excited!!

    And I have to say, I love the name you guys picked…Sofia is gorgeous!

  3. AWWWWWWWW everything looks just so so adorable!! I don’t know what it is with baby stuff but I go crazy over them! I can literally spend an hour just looking at baby things…for no reason at all! And I can tell Sofia is gonna be one pampered lil lady~And yes!! I’m going to a baby shower in a few days–they’re so fun. 😀

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