Pregnancy journal: 31 weeks

Sofia definitely went through a growth spurt this week…. look how my belly popped out


It’s so clear to see the change through pics!



This week overall was good except for the bleedy nose. My life was miserable for 48 hrs, really miserable. But after that it went all much better. I slept well and ate well. Felt hiccups few more times… back down there… so I’d think she’s head down… although not sure if she’s facing down or up. I hope she turns back soon. Still tons of movements, although not as big as they used to be, I guess she’s getting crowded there. The two nights that I didn’t sleep due to nose problems, she moved a lot… so much that I was worried that she wasn’t getting enough oxygen. But at the same time, it was nice to feel her companion in those two endless nights. I was suffering from the nose pain and intense headache, but I told myself to be strong for my baby… that I was preparing to be sleepless for when she arrives; that when she arrives, all the pain I was suffering would vanish when I look at her. It was her presence that made me go through the worse and still feeling hopeful. Thank you my lovely baby.

How I’m feeling at 31 weeks 

  • Baby size: pineapple. Average size: 15.2-16.7 inches, 2.5-3.8 lb.
  • Sleep6-7 hrs once nose situation is normalized. Although they’re short, I felt energized the following day.
  • Cravings: Liking watermelon.
  • Appetite/hunger: Half of the week eating was hard because I could barely breath, but I forced myself to eat until full because I’m worried that lack of oxygen AND nutrients would harm the baby.
  • Exercise: The usual, incline walking and ET.
  • Symptoms:  Feeling full most of the time. I guess it’s the belly growing.
  • Weight: +1 lb! Yeah~~ 😀 That makes a total 8 lbs since pregnant. I know it’s in a low end, but I guess from now on it would pick up because the baby is supposed to gain 4 lbs from week 32-40. She needs to pack on some fat! 🙂 I like chubby babies.
  • Maternity cloth? Still haven’t bought any. Summer dress are still comfy.
  • Stretch marks? Nope. Since the belly is growing faster now, I religiously apply this butter every morning after shower.
  • Gender: Girl!!!
  • Movement: Tons. She’s moved up a little bit, now I can feel her moving just right below my ribs, both sides.
  • Emotions: Happy and relieved. Relieved that the nose situation is finally solved (hope so!) Happy that Star is back!!! He’s gone away for exactly 10 weeks, which seemed an eternity. It was a pity that he couldn’t be here with me feeling our little girl growing inside me, but now that he’s back, he’ll do the catch up. We’d decorate the nursery together, go the childbirth class together and buy everything for her together! I’ve tried to make him feel her movements, but it seems that she’s hiding from him. Every time he puts his hand on my tummy, she’d stop moving. I guess they need some time to get to know each other! 🙂
  • Looking forward: My first breastfeeding class next week. I’ve read tons about it, hope to learn some new insights from real practitioners.
  • Books read: Breastfeeding Made Simple and What to Expect the first year.


The breastfeeding book is very informative, it talks about the origin and the importance of breastfeeding, and it gives very practical tips on how to breastfeed the first few weeks/months, challenges and possible solutions.

The second book covers everything about the baby during the first year. I read until the first month. It’s exhaustive in topics but not in details, a good overview I’d say.


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  1. Hey Dear! Long time no see (your belly)!!! 😛 it is getting so , so, so, big. Good to know everything is well with you
    when you are not napping, we should have a chat !

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