Life: weekly recap. Star is back!!!

Star is back!!!! πŸ˜† He arrived Friday night. We’re not alone here anymore! πŸ™‚

A follow up on last week’s nose incident. I went to the ENT doctor on Monday, an old man that didn’t give me sense of trust. He checked my nose and performed the cauterization. It was painful during the procedure, and uncomfortable afterwards. I thought the problem would be solved. I even told Star that maybe he didn’t need to rush back because I was getting better. BUT, that night at 2 AM, I bleed again!!! 😯 How was it possible? I just had the procedure to seal the veins!!! I didn’t understand, I was scared, called Star while I hold my nose. It last for about 2o min (shorter than the previous two times) and less blood too, but still scary. That moment, I told Star, come back ASAP no matter what!

The next day after 30 min calling to check several ENTs, I got an appointment in the afternoon to an ENT group. That place looked much more professional and neat. The doctor checked me again and said he couldn’t see much once the nose is cauterized. The next normal procedure is to pack the nose. I had no idea what it was but agreed nonetheless. I was ready to do whatever to stop the nose bleeding! How could I have know how much pain I’d suffer. The procedure was simple: spray topical anesthesia, insert a nasal tampon, apply surgical lubricant to the tampon so it expands, and insertΒ it to the maximum achievable depth (PAINFUL).Β The nasal tampon swells and fills the nasal cavity and applies pressure over the bleeding point. Needless to say I couldn’t breath with the right nostril. But that was the beginning of the 48 hrs nightmare.

I went back to work, looking awkward and ugly. One hour later, my nose was still in pain (I thought it would go away) and began to have headache. I went home. The headache got worse, my left nostril was blocked as well. I felt all my upper face was in pain and I could only breath with my mouth. I couldn’t do anything but lying down, but not completely down to sleep because the doctor indicated me to sleep higher than normal. But he didn’t tell me that I might not be able to sleep. Well.. that’s what happened.. I couldn’t sleep at all! The pain combined the need to breath with mouse prevented me from sleeping, although I was really sleepy and tired.

The next day I stayed at home too, got 1 or 2 hrs of sleep when my left nostril clear up a little bit. It was a bad day to say the least.

I had the doctor appointment the next day. My voice was completely out due to breathing two day with my mouse. I went there and he took the tampon out. Instant relieve!!! I’m not supposed to bleed anymore. And it proved to be true so far (as I’m writing on Sunday, 4 days after the removal). I’ll go back for another check up next week. Hopefully, this is a real end!!!

Star came back with a suitcase full of things for Sofia! πŸ™‚


Saturday: we did groceries, took a nap and went to a friend’s home for some “work” discussion.

Sunday: we went to Buy Buy Baby because I wanted to see things I added to the registry and also introduce Star to this baby-shopping-world! πŸ™‚ Star wanted to buy everything, he found everything too cute to not buy for our little girl. But we left with empty hands because I knew exactly what we needed.


This weekend’s reading include the new book from Emily Giffin


I pre-order it a long time ago. I’ve read ALL her book and I know she wouldn’t disappoint me. It was nice to take a break from baby-book reading. πŸ™‚

Now that Star is back, we have a lot of nursery project to do: closet organization, window treatment, book shelf and small decorations. So exciting! πŸ™‚



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3 responses to “Life: weekly recap. Star is back!!!

  1. Jun

    Hoping yr nose’s fine! N ooh, u make preparation for a baby so exciting!

  2. Coco, so sorry about the nose. That does not sound like fun at all. Sofia is such a beautiful name. Can’t wait for her arrival. She’ll be here before you know it. So exciting!!! πŸ™‚

  3. I hope your nose is 100% healed! Crazy stuff that is. 😦 I’m glad Star is back, though. That will make you feel better for sure!

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