Life: weekly recap. Two trips to ER!

This week would be a good one without two incidents that ended up in ER! 😯 It was bloody and scary!

  • I woke up on Friday and went to the bathroom. As I sit down, I felt something was draining from my right nose, I though it was water, but no, it was blood! A continuos stream of blood! I was shocked and scared! I hold my nose with paper tissue but it wouldn’t stop. 5 min later, it didn’t stop! I called my friend who’s staying at my place for these two weeks. I asked her to call 911! 10 min later, they arrived and I was transported to the closest hospital. When we arrived, probably 10 min later, bleeding stopped. But I was still in a state of shock. I’ve never had bleeding nose my entire life. And how it come that suddenly I have it? The scariest part is how much blood it was… it not spotting, it was continous stream!!! They checked my blood pressure and pulse, everything was normal. A doctor checked my nose and saw the bleeding spot. It was not bleeding anymore and they said it could be caused by pregnancy hormones. They discharged me without any medication. The only indication that they gave me is that if it happens again, to hold my nose tight with fingers for 15 min. If it doesn’t stop, then go back to ER.




I googled and apparently bleeding nose is another common symptom of pregnancy. Pregnant women carry 30-50% more blood than normal and the blood vessels are more delicate and sensitive, therefore nose bleeding happens. I called my OB and told him about the incident, he said it’s not a pregnancy complication, that I should see a nose doctor if it happens again.

  • Saturday. Everything seemed back to normal. A friend came to my place and we went out for lunch


I had a lemon grass salmon with salad


and a coffee parfait shot as dessert.

I read in the afternoon and took a nap. Suddenly, while I was still lying down, I felt something in my right nose, it was bleeding again!!! 😯 WTF!!!! I run to the bathroom with my iPhone. This time I hold it tight and looked clock. 20 min passed, and I was still bleeding. I called my friend again (who already moved out), and she came to pick me up to go to the ER again! The bleeding probably stopped after 30-40min. Due to the traffic, we arrived 50 min later, when the bleeding already stopped. They checked my blood pressure again, it was normal. Since it happened again, they already did a blood count and test for coagulation. Both came back normal. They applied something in the bleeding spot to speed the healing. Once again, they couldn’t tell me the cause other than pregnancy hormones.

I am really scared now. What if something happens to me when I’m sleeping? I’m living by myself and nobody would know. I called Star and asked him to come back ASAP. This is too dangerous! I’m less 10 weeks away from delivery and I don’t want to be stressing out EVERYDAY about what could be happening the next minute! I simply can’t live with FEAR! He agreed and plan to come back in the next few days! It would be such a relieve for me. And it would be nice to share the last two months with him! I’ve been managing the pregnancy by myself pretty well…. pretending to be strong and independent, pretending that I don’t need anyone… but deep inside, I need him besides me… I need to share every precious moment about our baby growing inside me together. I hope these incidents were just a push for him to come back earlier.

I’ll try to see a nose doctor asap to check once again what’s going on. Nose bleeding is usually not for concern, but when it happens so often and so much blood is lost every time, it is worrisome.

Home remedies that I plan to do to prevent more bleeding includes:

– eating more fruits. Vitamin C helps with blood clogging.


– drink more water. The liquid add moist to the nose, preventing it to get dry and bleed.

– use a humidifier at night. Again for the moist.

Any other tip to prevent nose bleeding? 

  • Sunday: Stay at home and rest. Although I’m not too tired, extra rest and nap is always helpful. I finished the baby registry, wrote down the birth plan and the list of things to pack to the hospital. Hope no more incidents.


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3 responses to “Life: weekly recap. Two trips to ER!

  1. Oh no! That’s very scary! Hope all is well and that Star makes it back to you soon.

  2. kristaskravings

    This would certainly be a scary thing!! I hope that it doesn’t happen to you again, Coco! (((HUGS)))

  3. I think its’ probably dry weather. I have a colleague here have bleeding nose the whole first year she’s here. Don’t worry too much! just drink plenty of water! (when I was young this happens to me so often…)

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