Pregnancy: how I’m feeling

One of my favorite question that I get from my parents and friends is: is she moving? 

It is also my favorite entertainment to observe her moving inside my belly.

I must admit that I love feeling her with me.

I think I’m really going to miss that once she’s born.

I’ll be in my car or in bed or wherever, and I’ll have just to put my hand on my belly so I not only feel her from inside but the outside as well.

There’s something very private about this part of the pregnancy.

It’s so much fun to involve others in the excitement this way.

But no one else can feel the way I do.

It’s by far my favorite part of the pregnancy.

I can’t quite describe the closeness and love that I feel for this little girl whose face I’ve never seen.

It makes me sad to know that I only have 10 weeks left with her before I have to share her with the world .

I’ve been blessed in so many ways having her before I even held her. 

She’s one of my favorite part of my life experience.


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