Pregnancy: to-do list

Inspired by Kath, I’m making a to-do list for the remaining time, which is less than 100 days! 😯

Purchase and assemble crib and mattress (got this mattress which is more expensive than the crib!)

Nursery decor (night stand, wall decor, closet, crib mobile, curtain, crib bedding, changing table necessities)

Attend childbirth, breastfeeding and 1st month baby care classes. (scheduled for 8/12, child birth, and two breast feeding class, one down one to go) 

Read (I have in hand the Birth Partner and the Baby book, Baby Wise)

Hire doula decided not to hire one. My doctor said I won’t need one if I plan to take epidural

Hire place encapsulation lady

Write a birth plan

Choose pediatrician (I have two centers in mind, booked the visit)

Buy things for postpartum – like nursing bras, nursing pads or nursing tank tops.

Buy and install car seat and have it inspected

Wash all new things

Prepare diaper changing station

Write baby shower guest list

Buy baby bath supplies (Californiababy would be the top brand)

Pack hospital bag

Hospital tour and paper work
As you can see… I have a lot to do!!!!!



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6 responses to “Pregnancy: to-do list

  1. just curious…what is the reasoning behind washing all new things? exposure to some common pathogens strengthens a child’s immune system. in fact, up to age 2 it’s good for kids to get a little ‘dirty’ so to speak in order for a robust immune system later in life 🙂

  2. Target has great, inexpensive nursing tanks! And I loved my bravado body silk nursing bras. The nursing pads I used were Danish woolen delights, sounds crazy, but they were actually super comfortable and naturally antibacterial!

  3. You sure are going to be busy! Don’t over do it, hun!! 😉

  4. It’s amazing how much there is to do before a little one arrives! I like to-do lists. They make me feel in control! 🙂

  5. I didn’t use a doula with either of my births (they were both natural) but I do think prep for a natural birth is important whether you plan on an epidural or not. I have SO many friends who wanted one but either it didn’t take, they were too late to the hospital or their labors progressed to fast and they were a bit traumatized by the labor and delivery because they weren’t mentally/emotionally prepared. Epidurals don’t always happen when you want them to!! Be prepared for the worst.

    And I do think a doula would be beneficial no matter the labor. They’re so so so supportive and helpful.

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