Life: weekly recap GREAT NEWS

  • the biggest news this week is that I GOT THE JOB I WANTED!!! No, I’m not changing job, to be precise, I got the job at the place that I wanted for my next assignment, which will be at least 4 years. The process of application started at the beginning of this year and it’s finally done! The internal market is tough this year, I know many of my colleagues who are also looking for a second assignment didn’t get to their ideal place, so I feel really blessed. Not only I got to the division that I wanted, I also got to be the country economist of a country that I wanted!!! How lucky I am!!!! It couldn’t be more perfect that it is!!! As you can imagine, I’ve been jumping around this week and laugh in my dreams. 🙂
  • Saturday: I did groceries and went to do a prenatal massage. I signed up the monthly service at Massage Envy. For $59 per month, you get one massage, which is really a reasonable price. Spent the afternoon finishing this book: What alice forgot by Liane Moriarty


Alice has a happy life, a dreamy marriage and a first baby on the way. And then she wakes up on the floor of the gym (since when does she go to the gym?) and discovers that somehow she’s lost ten years of her memory. She still thinks it’s ten years earlier, but she now has three children, her marriage is falling apart, and she hardly recognizes the life she has now. It made us wonder how do you change over your adult life? What kind of influence do other people have on you?  Would you recognize yourself in ten years?

  • Sunday: I started to make a to-buy list for the baby. It’s overwhelming how many options there are out there for each thing that you want to buy. I’ve been reading a lot of reviews online by bloggers and websites. I saved those posts and this weekend, together with the Baby bargains book, I almost finished to list of things I need to buy or put in the registry. It’s a lot of work but I think it’s important to choose wise because of the safety of the baby, convenient, fits out needs and in a reasonable price.

Q: If you’re a mom, what’s the #1 have-to-buy item for the baby?



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4 responses to “Life: weekly recap GREAT NEWS

  1. Congrats Coco!! That’s amazing! I’m so happy for you.
    As far as what to buy for baby, I would say it’s important to have plenty of bottles and burp clothes (simply from experiencing things with my brother, I was 13 when he was born!)

  2. em

    congrats on the new job! definitely not a mom yet, but have you considered reusable diapers at all? 🙂

  3. Congrats on the job, Coco!

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