Food: chinese food comeback

Last week I’ve been eating more chinese food, something that I haven’t been doing for a long time! 🙂 I got into a food rut for a while, now I feel that my cooking urge and creativity in the kitchen is back since I got to spend more time at home alone during weekends. 🙂 YEAH~

For breakfast, I’ve been having egg sammie and protein cakes.


with two chopped peach. Love them!!!! And iced latte.


Porridge (corn grits, aduki beans and barley) and two dishes


sauteed mustard greens with oyster mushrooms


fish ball (packaged) and purple laver soup


Veggie-tofu pudding (recipe to come)


porridge with homemade fish ball soup, and sautéed soy bean sprouts



homemade fish balls are not as chewy as the packaged ones, but they’re full of flavor and nutrition.


As dessert I’ve been having frozen strawberries with Ricotta cheese. Got to get the calcium! 🙂


Q: What was the last meal you cooked? Did you follow a recipe or you just made your own? I don’t usually follow any recipe unless it’s a baking goodie, I’d rather read several recipes and create my own with my taste preference and ingredients on hand. 


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2 responses to “Food: chinese food comeback

  1. looks like some good eats; glad you’re feeling up to cooking again. 🙂
    i usually make up my own recipes unless it’s something i’ve never made before or something that really needs to be perfect.

  2. The last meal I cooked was a chicken on the BBQ and a Caesar salad…..not very creative, but Sarah has been in Ottawa and Noah was at a friends, so I kept it simple for Jason & I! But just look at all the food you have been cooking up! Delish!

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