Pregnancy journal: 24 weeks

24 weeks! I can’t believe this is for real! How is it possible that time flies? I remember those first weeks, when I wanted first trimester to be over (due to miscarriage risk), everyday seemed an eternity. And now time flies, almost too fast for me to savor everyday of this pregnancy! 🙂

This week has been smooth. Except for general fatigue, everything else is fine. The fatigue could be partly due to work intensity. Although I didn’t work overtime, I worked intensely for 5-6 hours a day on a research project and made quite progress! 😉

Belly grows and grows…. it’s quite obviously by now that I’m well into the pregnancy-mode!


front size looks still normal. Waist line is losing, but slower than I expected.


I mentioned before that my belly button looks weird, and now I think it has popped out. You can see from the next pic.


front view, round belly like a ballon


I have something to confess! I’m loving being pregnant! Not because I’m carrying a human being inside, not because what’s going to happen in few months, not liking the fatigue, but I’m actually liking a lot my pregnant body!!! I’ve heard women saying that before but I never understood it. “how could you love your fat body?” Well…. I’m loving it! I’m loving my new figure. Fortunately in my case, I haven’t gained fat anywhere but my belly, and I think it’s beautiful to have a belly like this. Don’t you think? 😉


How I’m feeling at 24 weeks 3 days

  • Baby size: corn. Average size: 12 inches long, and weighing about 1.3 pound
  • Sleep: 8 hrs average. Only one night I woke up at 3 AM and couldn’t sleep well afterward. But the next day, I slept 10 hrs.
  • Cravings: none. Liking peaches and water melon.
  • Appetite/hunger: Continue with mainly vegetarian meals. I had chicken once and salmon once. But time didn’t feel so well afterwards, like it took ages to be digested. Happy to continue to eat mainly vegetarian, rely on eggs, tofu and beans for protein.
  • Exercise: Elliptical and incline walking, twice a week upper and lower body strength exercises.
  • Symptoms: fatigue. I can’t do much activities without getting exhausted. So I’m keeping weekends very low key so I can enough rest. The other thing that I had for few weeks and finally found out was dry eyes. For like a month, few days per week I’ll get very irritable eyes at night. It was so bad that I could not open my eyes under light. I didn’t know what was it so last week I went to an eye doctor and got it checked. It was just dry eyes. Women during pregnancy can get dry eyes, combined with the use of contact lens, it could get really bad. So the doctor gave me some eye drops and a new lens solution. I tried to use less contact lens as well. And I’m happy to report that my eyes are much better, no more irritation at night! 😉
  • Weight: No gain this week. Still +5-6 lbs in total.
  • Maternity cloth? Not yet.
  • Stretch marks? Not yet.
  • Gender: Girl!!!
  • Movement: During the week because I was busy with work, I didn’t pay attention to the movements. One night suddenly I realized that I haven’t felt her for few days. Then I got scared. So I lied down on the bed, tried to relax and read for a bit. After few minutes, I started feeling her and quite actively! 🙂 I’ve read that when the women moves during the day, the baby is on rest. Only when we rest, the baby moves. The other theory is that when I’m not relaxed, even the baby moves, we can’t feel it because we’re focus on something else. Whatever it is, I think it’s nice to be able to feel her. 🙂
  • Days until next checkup: 3 days! That’s going to be the 25 weeks check up. I hope the doctor does some measurement. 🙂


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4 responses to “Pregnancy journal: 24 weeks

  1. Glad you are feeling well! I loved being pregnant, too. 🙂 And I totally remember that at the beginning time goes by sooooo slowly. And then, all of a sudden it seems, time flies.

  2. This is so sweet love! You look beautiful and the experience with your body sounds fantastic – I’m so thrilled for you and love these updates 🙂 Enjoy this time, I know you are ❤

  3. Mara

    que linda pancita!

  4. I remember feeling my most confident in the third trimester of my pregnancies. I always felt SO proud of my belly!! You are looking fabulous!

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