Pregnancy: First decor project for the Nursery and baby name reveal!!!

6/1 was international kids day, I felt needing to give our 23 weeks baby her first gift! Instead of buying something from store, I made something for her!!! An ABC frame with her name in it!!! šŸ˜€ I saw this frame from Le zoe musings (love her blog) and wanted to make one since I first saw it.

I went to Micheal’s to grab some necessities


they didn’t have the white square shadow box so I had to drive further away to IKEA to get one.

Ready to start! šŸ˜† I used 2 colors of craft paper, letters and the shadow box


scissor, glu and Ā a pencil


for the name’s letters, I used blue, so I had to cut the letters


had to find a smaller scissor to cut


put the letters on the base paper to visually measure how close/sparse they should be displayed


and then DA DA DA!!!! The final product!!! A first gift for our little girl Sofia!!! šŸ˜†


I used the same color theme as Kellie used because I think it’s so girly and chic. Our final products look slightly different because I think the shadow box I got is bigger than her, and the letters disposition also differ a little bit.

Placed in the Nursery.


love love love!!!!




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6 responses to “Pregnancy: First decor project for the Nursery and baby name reveal!!!

  1. Cute project!

    Great minds think alike… my girl baby name is very similar šŸ™‚ Love yours!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this! Tagged it as a potential gift idea for friends šŸ™‚ And beautiful name ā¤

  3. cute project! yayyy! i love the name sophia so sweet šŸ™‚

  4. What a cute project!!! Decorating the nursery is so much fun. I especially love DIY projects!

  5. Beautiful name! Just like a princess! And the art project turned out beautiful…:)

  6. kelly

    why did you leave out “e”?

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