Pregnancy: week 21

It was an easy week, after I switched up my diet, I’ve been feeling much better. No more bloating and things are moving along very well. 😉

I had the doctor appointment on Tuesday, everything looks fine. I’ve gained 2.5 lbs since the last appointment (4 weeks ago). The nurse looked at me and said:” are you eating? why are you not gaining (much)?” And the doctor was happy with my progress. He keeps saying that slow gain is good, good for the baby and good for the mom. I asked him about the incident I had in metro. He says it’s very common for pregnant women to have slow pressure. And just in case, he recommended me to take iron supplement. Although in my first blood test I was not anemic, he says I wasn’t abundant either, so just in case that I might become anemic, it’s good to take one. I followed Heather’s advise and ordered Floradix Iron + Herbs because this one is not constipating.

My belly continued to grow. Some days I feel I’m huge, others not so much. Still hiding with lose clothes at work, so far no one has noticed. 😉




on this one, the belly looks sooooo round.


How I’m feeling at 21 weeks 4 days

  • Baby size: pomegranate. Average size: 10.5 inches, 12.7 oz.
  • Sleep: 6-7 hrs average. Not a good sleep week.
  • Cravings: none.
  • Appetite/hunger: Not much. After breakfast it takes usually 3-4 hours to feel a little bit hungry. I’d snack on bars or nuts. Then after lunch, I don’t usually feel hungry until dinner time. Maybe it is because I’ve been trying to eat more protein at lunch time. In term of appetite, still not much. Nothing really attracts me and I don’t enjoy food as much as I used to. Kath recently mentioned this too.
  • Exercise: same as before. I’ve tried to jog few times, but I had to stop within 5 min. It was not because I was tired but because my bladder complained. I don’t know, I so want to pee when I start jogging. 😯 So I will continue with Ellipticals and incline walking.
  • Symptoms: dry skin around my mouse. I keep applying lip balm, but it continues to be dry.
  • Weight:??? forgot to weight.
  • Maternity cloth? Not clothes but I got a belly band. My pants still fit well on butt and legs, but I can’t button them anymore. The belly band is very comfortable and if I use long shirt, it’s not noticeable. I don’t plan to buy maternity clothes as long as I can use my own clothes. Since summer is arriving, I’ll use more dresses to work.
  • Stretch marks? No. I apply almond oil once every other day after shower. I know that it’s more genetic than anything I can do, but maintaining a slow weight gain and apply oil/lotions can only help. I don’t even have the famous niagra line.
  • Gender: Girl!!! We’re finally sure about that!!! 🙂

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  1. Looking good Coco!!
    I’m getting so excited for you both!

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