Pregnancy: another surprise?

Last week I had the 20 weeks ultrasound. It was an important ultrasound during the pregnancy because the baby has been growing fast during the last two months and now he/she has all the organs and body parts. During the ultrasound, the nurse would examine everything, from the size of the head to how the heart pumps.


and we had our first 3D picture of the baby!!!!



from this pic I could tell that he/she has Star’s mouse and chin, and potentially my eyes and nose! 🙂 That’s so amazing!!!


and he/she opens his/her mouse. So cute! 😉

Why am I referring as he/she? Well… that’s part of the surprise. As I announced here, we thought we were expecting a little king! But on this ultrasound, the nurse said she’s a girl!!!!! 😯


How is it possible?????

“Are you sure?” I asked her. She first said she was, but then when I told her that 4 weeks ago we saw it’s a boy, she said maybe the doctor could take a look as well.

The doctor came, checked on the baby, everything looked fine, and he said: ” it’s not the more adequate position to determine the gender. From what I can see, it’s a girl, but I’m not 100% sure!”


I know that sometimes early gender detection could be false, when they say it’s a girl, it could turn out to be a boy because the “key parts” were hidden. But not the reverse!

Star and I were both perplexed. Star accepted the fact that it’s a girl short after we left the radiology, but since I saw “those parts” in Argentina, I was almost certain that it’s a boy!

The truth is that I don’t have any preference on gender, as long as the baby is healthy, I’ll be happy. It’s just that I’ve made my mind already that it’s a boy, and I’ve been feeling that it’s a boy as well, so now I’m confused.

If it’s a girl, it would be perfect too because I’ve always wanted a girl. Actually if it’s a boy, I’ll definitely keep having babies until we have a girl. And if now a girl comes first, I have that checked.

However this gender confusion situation cannot continue. There are so many logistic issues to solve before he/she arrives. Things like nursery decoration, baby clothes, baby shower, etc. WE need to know the gender. So, I’ve booked an appointment to pay out of my pocket for a gender detection this Saturday. I do it because so far my pregnancy seems to be very normal, so I probably won’t have another big scan before I deliver. This place guarantees gender detection for merely $65. If in one appointment they can’t find out the gender because of a bad position, I can go back another time for free. Can’t wait to know for sure if it’s a he or she! I’m also excited to see him/her one more time! 🙂 Every time I see him/her, I feel more bonding!



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4 responses to “Pregnancy: another surprise?

  1. kristaskravings

    I LOVE those 3D pictures!!! Wish they were around when I had my 2! I bet you were shocked about the gender. I know what you mean about wanting/needing to know. I was the exact same. Can’t wait to hear the final results this weekend, Coco!

  2. When I was pregnant with the kid a friend of mine from grad school was also pregnant with a boy. Or so she thought. She didn’t find out it was actually a girl until the baby was born! Looking forward to what you’ll find out on Saturday! 🙂

  3. Those pictures are AMAZING!!!! I can’t believe what technology can do these days. And now you know it’s a girl?! That’s wonderful!!! CONGRATS!
    P.S…Even I can see that she has Star’s mouth!!

  4. awwwwwwwww omgshhhhhhh this makes me so giddy happy and in awe! It’s such a beautiful thing to see your baby inside you! And what a miracle in itself. 🙂 That’s interesting that it looked like he/she had a pe-pe but now it’s like…gone? lol. That’s the fun part about it though, right? I’m sure you’ll be so delighted when you find out! (or probably found out already)

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