Life: weekend update

We had a 3 three-day weekend, the last one with Star until September 😦

  • It was a productive and relaxing one. We did some house improvements. 🙂 We bought a patio set from IKEA last weekend and now it’s assembled! YEY!!!



Can’t wait to have breakfast and brunch there with friends 🙂

We Star also puts together the changing table for the baby. We got HEMMES from IKEA since it’s more practical to get a dresser instead of a changing table, so it can be used in the future as well.


and the crib.



now that the two major furnitures are assembled, I just need to do the decoration in the following months! 😉

  • I made waffles for the week. I made 4 batches and freeze them, so everyday I just need to reheat it in the toaster.



  • Saturday morning we went to strawberries picking! The first ones of the season! We went to Burtler’s Orchard, which is about 35 min drive from home.

It was a gorgeous day to be outdoor. The blue sky, the smell of green grass and the prettiest strawberries. Perfect activity! 🙂


It was not easy to find the perfectly red mature ones, so I was examining carefully



We ended up picking 7 pounds of strawberries. I tasted a few, they’re so juicy and sweet! 🙂


  • Saturday afternoon, an old friend of mine came to visit us. We had a nice chat eating a bunch of chinese candies. 🙂
  • Sunday was Mother’s day, so we had a date with another mom-to-be, my friend Sarah and her husband for brunch at Busboys and Poets

My outfit for the day


this is a new pair of pants that I got from Jcrew for girls, size 12. Yes, you read it right, I bought kids’ cloth and fits my 20+ body perfectly! 😉 When I first got it on mail, I tried it in one of those bloating days, I couldn’t zip it, so I was going to return it since I couldn’t tell how it fits me. But then after the bloating went away, it fits me perfectly and I love it. So summery! 🙂 I think in 1-2 weeks I won’t be able to zip it anymore, but at least I know it fits my normal body well. Maybe I could use a pregnant belly band to extend its use for another 1-2 weeks? we’ll see.

Star had classic egg benedict with grits


and I had an omelette with spinach, tomato, onion and feta cheese, served with house salad and toasts


it was a nice way to celebrate mother’s day. Good food and good friends to chat about how our lives will change in few months! 🙂

We invited a friend for dinner at home so I made chinese food for Star and Adam.


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3 responses to “Life: weekend update

  1. What a great weekend, strawberry picking is so much fun! Brunch looks delicious, especially your omelet. Happy Mother’s Day to the mom-to-be! 🙂

  2. i love ikea and crewcuts clothing 🙂 can’t beat the price! happy mother’s day belated to you 🙂

  3. kristaskravings

    What a great weekend! I have that dresser as part of my bedroom set, in espresso. Your outfit is super cute! So summery. Can’t wait for the berries to start up here…

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