Food: dinners

My salad craving continued this week. Maybe it’s the warm weather, or the obsession with the new balsamic, I can’t get enough salads. 😉

#1: salad


baked chicken breast with sweet spicy sauce



#2: baked chicken breast, steamed green bean and mashed cauliflower with laughing cow and celery


#3: kimchi, bamboo and black fungus soup with “noodles”


accompanied by sautéed chinese mustard with oyster mushroom


#4: baked salmon with bamboo over mashed cauliflower with celery and laughing cow


#5: another salad with eggs


and baked sweet potato


#6 salad


tortilla pizza topped with oyster mushroom, mozzarella cheese and arugula



I told you, I had a lot of salads and I still want more 😉

Q: What’s your favorite salad combo? I’ve been really enjoying this one: tomato, cucumber, mushroom, beets, arugula, butter lettuce and eggs.


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5 responses to “Food: dinners

  1. kristaskravings

    All your meals look so fresh! When it comes to salads I usually just top mixed greens with whatever leftovers & veggies are hanging about the fridge. Today I just have roasted white chicken meat and tomato….groceries are getting low! HAHA

  2. Laura

    Do you have a recipe for the mashed cauliflower? It looks delicious!

  3. Those look beautiful! I have really been loving greens with crab, mayo, feta, a chopped prune, and habanero salsa

  4. Yum yum! If I could eat beets I would eat them everyday, but they contains fodmaps, such a bummer. Right now my favorite salad combo includes spinach, mushroom, parmesan cheese, broccoli and grilled chicken with a combo of garlic oil and balsamiv venegar.

  5. Yum — everything looks amazing, Coco! Your salads look especially delish…that dressing sounds great!

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