Food: breakfast and lunch

Last week I’ve been specially careful on eating well and taking pics of the food because I’m approaching the 20 weeks mark (this Wednesday):shock:, and I need to get the nutrients delivered to the baby. I’ve started to track my food intake to make sure that I get enough protein, calcium and iron since they are super important for baby’s development, and because if I don’t remind myself, I’d miss these nutrients. I’m not vegetarian but my natural preference is toward vegetables and whole grains, therefore making sure to get 70-100g of protein everyday is a challenge. Fortunately, once I set up a target, I make sure to meet the target EVERYDAY! 🙂

For breakfast this week, I switched between two combos.

#1: kabocha waffle, kiwi and soy milk


#2: soy milk, kiwi and english muffin with poached egg, arugula and tomato sauce



Lunches at work

#1: curry potato


sauteed kale and roasted squash


I finished them all, which left me over stuffed 👿


#2: roasted chicken thigh, spicy green rice (I think that was a peruvian day)


sauteed bok choy



#3: For days that I have seminar at lunch time, I’d bring a salad. Assorted veggies topped with egg/tofu/canned salmon


a bottle for the olive oil and balsamic, super convenient! 😉


#4 rice vermilleci topped with veggies and shrimp


As afternoon snack, I tried some sweet potato chips, which were quite good, not so greasy and super crunchy.


Q: What’s the nutrient that you’re naturally deficient of? In my case, protein and iron because I’m not a big meat eater.


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2 responses to “Food: breakfast and lunch

  1. before i started eating paleo, i was prob iron & protein deficient as well but since then i meet all of my nutritional req needs! i tracked for a while to see how it graphed out (i like the stats 🙂 and don’t take a multi vitamin anymore bc i get everything i need from my food!

  2. kristaskravings

    I definitely don’t get enough iron in my diet. I don’t eat very much meat…I’m sure this is why! And you’re half way there!!! YAY!

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