Pregnancy journal: 18 weeks

Nothing special this week, feeling everything normal and very energetic as I used to be. 🙂 I told the news to a good friend at work and I’m really happy to share the news with her. She’s also trying to get pregnant, so there was a lot of secret/advise passing! 🙂 In addition, the wife of one colleague told me that she’s 7 weeks pregnancy with twins! How exciting!!! I’m loving to know other pregnant woman. It’s so much better to talk to an expectant mom about pregnancy/kids related stuffs. Sometime, I’m afraid that I’m talking too much about it that would bore my friends, but at same time it’s the only thing I’m really interested now, so it’s hard to hide the excitement.

belly and boobs continue to grow, little by little





it looks rounder and rounder.

How I’ve been feeling at 18 weeks and 4 days

  • Sleep: 8 hrs average
  • Cravings: none.
  • Appetite/hunger. Eating normal, a lot of veggies and good source of protein. I need to make conscious decisions to make sure I get 70-80 g of protein daily, either from chicken, fish, egg or tofu.
  • Exercise: Continue with jogging/incline walking/ellipticals, incorporating more strength work.
  • Other: constipation and bloating. It has been better these week because I found a special recipe. It’s made with black fungus and chinese dates. Just cook them in the slow cooker for like 12 hrs, drink 1/2 glass every night. It has been really effective.
  • Pain: lower back discomfort, specially when I get up from sitting. I really need to make sure I sit correctly, otherwise the discomfort gets worse.
  • Weight: 0 gain this week, so still 1-2 lb up from pre-pregnancy.

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  1. kristaskravings

    You look wonderful, Coco! I love these updates you’re doing…

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