Life: weekend happening

This was a two-days weekend. With Star in back, we’ve been quite busy.

  • Saturday, I woke up very late, like 8:30 AM after sleeping 9+ hours. It was glorious, I haven’t slept that long for weeks and it felt really good. We were going to IKEA to get two bookcases for the library/studio, and another bookcase for my closet for shoes. But as I got so late… I stayed home, working out and having a leisure breakfast. Star went with a friend instead. What a great husband, isn’t he? 😉
  • In the afternoon, we went to Toyota and we bought a brand new Toyota Highlander SE! 😆 We were thinking about getting a new car before the baby arrives, but the car incident I had brought forward the purchase. We got a very good deal and the color I wanted, which is a gray-blue. Love it!


  • After that, we went to cinema and watched Safe with a couple friend. It was just an ordinary action movie, entertaining but not fantastic. 🙂
  • Sunday. Star spent 3 hrs cleaning the house! 😯 He really deserves a role husband trophy or something!!! Meanwhile, I workout and did groceries, just like a pregnant spoiled wife 😉
  • We were invited to Belen and Tim’s place for lunch. Belen is a really good chef, she always prepares a big spread of delicious food

Cheese, ham and crackers


grilled banana


Main dish: homemade ravioli with arugula and goat cheese filling, sautéed in pine nuts and fresh arugula


Delicious as always! She’s a master of making homemade pasta!

grilled asparagus with parmesan as side


chocolate mousse as dessert


We moved from lunch table to coffee table to have tea and rhubarb tart


We finished lunch like 4:3o pm. Yeah~~ That’s how we Argentinean do lunch over the weekend! Really really relaxing! 🙂

We came back home, Star is assembling my shoe case and I will prepare dinner soon. Red sauced pork for Star and a salad for me, just got some new balsamic yesterday, can’t wait to try! 🙂

Q: Do you have any tradition for weekends? If I could, I’d love to have a long relaxing lunch with friends every weekend.



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2 responses to “Life: weekend happening

  1. our saturday tradition is wake up early, have a cup of something caffeinated & head out to grocery shop before everyone else. then we come back and have a leisurely brunch, get cleaned up and take a walk, go shopping or try something new! sundays are always our ‘get stuff done’ in the morning then relax or have dinner out.

    congrats on the new car, it’s lovely! i bet you are relieved after the scary car mishap last week! star sounds like a very nice guy taking care of you so sweet!

  2. kristaskravings

    Awesome new vehicle! My weekends are always so busy with the kids….maybe they’ll slow down in a few years…;)

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