Travel: Buenos Aires day 6

Mara and Gunther didn’t go to the trip that they were supposed to go, so I had more time to hang out with them. We didn’t do much. We stayed at home in the morning. Mara made me a salad for lunch which was very tasty. After lunch, Gunther, Mara and I went for some shopping. Mara and I didn’t get anything but Gunther got several t-shirts. After that, Mara went for a work meeting and I went to do manicure with Jeanette. Once reunited at home. We were both working/playing with our Macs.


2 Macs, 2 iphones and 2 local phones. Perfectly synchronized! 🙂

Jeanette started to work today but she managed to prepare us dinner.


broiled butternut squash (for me!), smelly cheese, sundried tomato in olive and parsley


baked potato and sweet potato


beets and green salad



the main dish was osso buco cooked with vegetables and bacon.


I had a small piece and it was great! Tasty, tender and full of flavor. 🙂

For dinner Jeanette made us a passion fruit mousse but it was so intense that we couldn’t eat more than few spoons. Even Gunther, who never say no to any food, couldn’t eat it! So he suggested to go out for a pancake. We walked like 12-15 blocks to a place called Carlitos, specialized in pancakes. Both Mara and I had tea, Gunther had a super sweet pancake filled with dulce de leche and topped with chocolate sauce, I’d say a sweet bomb!



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2 responses to “Travel: Buenos Aires day 6

  1. kristaskravings

    I haven’t has osso buco since I lived at home! Such a tender “cut” of meat when cooked properly….

  2. What a feast that meal is! The osso buco looks perfect…mmm! So happy you’re enjoying your travels, Coco!

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