Travel: Buenos Aires day 4

I was the first one to wake up at the house, as usual, so I wander around alone until everyone else get up. We had a relaxing 1-2 hrs breakfast at home which involves  lot of chatting as usual 😉 And then Mara, Gunther and Jeanette went to do some shopping and I stayed home.

Around 2pm Mara called me to let me know that they’ll come to pick me up to go to a local parrilla place for lunch. Cool! I was just feeling a little hungry.


we went to a neighborhood-style parrilla. Simple decor and relaxing ambiance.


the lovely ladies


and happy companions


they brought us some fried empanadas


we ordered some salads as side


I’m in love with the simplest salad in the world: lettuce, tomato and sliced onion, with olive and balsamic. It’s so fresh, perfect to pair with meat.

We ordered brocheta de lomo


chinchurines (intestines)


steak and grilled chicken


Although the place is not fancy, the meat there is pretty good and big portions.

After lunch we went back home because we had a girls-tea. We met two friends, Vera and Nati. I haven’t seen them for more than 6 years! It was really nice to catch up. And we had a lot of food too.






sandwich de miga


and Jeanette made us honey cake.


We chat from 5pm to 9 pm and devoured most of the food. 🙂 I wonder when I will see them again… and how many kids we’ll have when we reunite? 😉



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2 responses to “Travel: Buenos Aires day 4

  1. Coco, I haven’t been able to comment for the last few weeks since I usually read at work, but a few things:
    1) ¡FELICIDADES en tu embarazo! ¡Creo que vas a ser una mamá fantástica!
    2) ¿Puedo usar unos de tus fotos de comida en Argentina en unos de mis clases? Mis alumnos estudian la comida (vocabularo y tradiciones) y ¡quiero mostrarlos unos fotos reales!

  2. Oh wow! I’m drooling right now 😛 Everything looks so delicious! Congratz with your baby boy 🙂

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