Travel: Buenos Aires day 1

I arrived Buenos Aires at 10:20 AM! It was a 10 hrs and 20 min flight. I was lucky to have the next seat empty (Star had it originally) so I could lie down and sleep for almost 7 hours! Love sleep during flights! It makes it so much faster! Other than sleeping, I began to read this book:

and let me tell you… I’m hooked. It’s soooooo eye-opening!!! It’s definitely not the conventional american way to take care a baby, but it’s much in line with my thoughts about how I want to raise my child. 🙂

Once I arrived Buenos Aires, someone (arranged by Star) was waiting for me at the airport to take me to my BFF Mara’s apartment. Since Star is not coming with me, I’m staying at hers to spend more time with her and her family, and let them take care of me ;). Mara, Gunther and her mom is not in Buenos Aires today, they’ll come back tomorrow by noon, so her brother Adrian was waiting for me at the apartment. I know him for 15 years… he’s like my own little brother. Although he’s an grown up piano teacher now… I still look at him as when he was a 13 years old boy! 🙂

Once unpacked and settled, I went to one of my favorite lunch spot in Buenos Aires, Lotus. It is a vegan restaurant, I used to go there for lunch every single day during the week, sometime even on Saturday for years! I just love everything there, specially this macrobiotic balanced plate.

It comes with a cup of brown rice at the center and five types of veggies: green bean with mushroom, butternut squash, zucchini, beet and broccoli; topped with tofu, miso, seaweed flakes and a squash sauce.

served with 2 sliced of WW bread.

I don’t know why I love it so much, the veggies are simply boiled or steamed, but they taste so much better there than when I make it at home. Some secret ingredient? I duuno. Maybe I should give it another try once I go back.

After lunch, I went to the personal registry to get a new passport. Mine is out of paper and about to expire. It was faster than I thought, in and out in less than 20 min! 🙂

I walked to and back. This is something that I miss living in the US: being able to walk to everywhere. In China and in Buenos Aires, if I have time, I’d rather walk to everywhere. In total it was 5.5 miles. I’d call a good workout! 🙂 The only problem of walking in the city is the noise! I’ve never realized how noisy is Buenos Aires, the cars, the people, the buses…. just too much action everywhere! But I guess that’s something typical in any big city.

I rested for few hours at the apartment and met with an old friend Neil for dinner. Needless to say my first dinner in Buenos Aires must involve meat! So we went to a Parrilla.

They brought us some bread with butter


I had one… not so good.


I ordered asado de tira. It was way too much meat for a non-meat eater! But it’s one of the most famous cut of meat in Argentina.


my friend ordered matambrito de cerdo (pork). He said both Star and him love this. I don’t like pork at all, so I didn’t try it.


my portion: 1/2 of the meat with ensalada mixta (lettuce, tomato and onion, olive and balsamic)

We talked a lot during the meal. It was nice catching up with him. Our lives since I left Argentina almost 6 years ago changed quite a bit, specially me. He’s still single, looking for his other half. I hope he can find her soon.


we ended our meal with a fruit plate with ice cream.

It was a nice and productive day in Buenos Aires. I can’t wait to receive Mara’s family tomorrow!!! 😆


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5 responses to “Travel: Buenos Aires day 1

  1. Ahhh I remember those plates from a few years ago! They looked good then and look good now, too. I actually had a macro plate at Souen last night for dinner. Enjoy your trip 🙂

  2. How wonderful!! i want to see some outside pictures of this beautiful cit,y please share!! I love traveling vicariously through you 🙂

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