Life: weekly update

  • The biggest news last week was the sudden change of trip plan. Fortunately I made my mind and still going to Argentina.
  • Mom left on Sunday morning 3AM :shock:. Star was kind of take her to the airport and left me sleep.
  • I ordered pregnancy/birth/baby books to read on the trip. Sometime when I think about what to do when the baby arrives, I get panicked. What if I don’t understand him/her? What if she/he gets sick and I don’t know about it? What if I don’t produce milk? How am I going to deal with sleepless night and constant feeding? All these questions without answer scared me. So to calm me know, I need to educate myself! Obviously, I know there’s no way I can fully prepared myself for what’s coming next, but at least I should try not to panic and get the theory first. Whether I can put them into practice or not, that’s another issue! Hopefully with the help of two moms (mine and Star’s), we’ll figure it out together.
  • Friday: I had the day off. We did groceries to make more wontons and some shopping in the afternoon.
  • Saturday: We went to Chez Francois again because we all liked the food last time we went there. Again, we had the five-course menu.


started with some garlic bread, dinner rolls and multigrain rolls that I love (had 2 big ones!) with butter and cottage cheese spread.


a quiche as pre-starter


For appetizer, mom had smoked salmon plate with cucumber salad and toasts


Star had the lobster bisque


and I had again the mushroom crepe


the house salad which was great! I had mine and Star’s.


For entree, mom had fillet mignon


the sauce that came with it


Star had fish with caper sauce


and I had again Beef Bourguignon, spaëtzles and seasonal vegetables


for dessert, mom had the chocolate cake with ginger ice cream


Star had the passion fruit mousse cake


and I had ice cream and sorbet tulip. I loved the pistachio ice cream! 🙂

The food was really nice, which left me very full and none of us felt eating dinner afterward, but we did anyway! 🙂

  • Sunday: mom left and Star and I had the house for just two of us for the first time since we moved in. We didn’t do much… we packed, we watched TV on our ipads, we took a nap and relaxed. We were back again to he-cleans-I-cook-mode! I love our domestic core together! 🙂


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3 responses to “Life: weekly update

  1. em

    hope you have an amazing trip! sounds like it will be a great time.

  2. Yeah parenthood is a big unknown before it happens but if you just throw yourself into it 100% you’ll do GREAT. Being a mom is the best thing ever. I love it more every day.
    I’m on my second pregnancy now and SO looking forward to having a little baby again!

  3. I think going to Argentina is going to be a great decision in the end. You aren’t far into your pregnancy so it’s the perfect time to go, and you would likely regret it if you didn’t….don’t you think?! I would LOVE to go to Argentina!!
    The meal looks excellent. I’m salivating big time 🙂

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