Thoughts: how I embraze unexpected news

As I mentioned, Star and I were going to Argentina next week, he goes for work and I go to visit my BFF. Everything is booked and reserved, we even invited a friend to join us (she has never been to Argentina so she wants to take the advantage of having us a “local tour”). BUT, on Wednesday night Star received a call and he has to cancel his trip. He has to go to China instead.

We were shocked but not surprised. Since last year we knew that some changes have to be made. We know by then that it’s going to be around March-April. We knew it and supposedly we were mentally prepared for it. However, when the news came, it surprised us anyway.

First, we need to decide whether I’m still going or not. Next, we need to plan and prepare for what’s coming next.

Star is concerned that if I go to Argentina, pregnant, nobody will take care of me as he would, and he feels guilty not to be able to take care of me. I wasn’t sure what to do either. So I called to my BFF and told her the situation. We talked about 15 min and I decided to go! First, I really want to see her and her family. Second, I feel bad letting my friend down, she already bought the ticket and booked a trip to the Calafates. Third, it will be my last trip before the baby arrives. Life will change dramatically after his/her arrival. I won’t have the freedom to go wherever I want whenever I want. So, I really need to take advantage of this trip. Finally, having Star away from me for at least two weeks would be hard when we’re uncertain about what’s waiting for us in the near future. So, I decided to go and make this trip an amazing one! Be with my BFF until I get sick of her :shock:, eat argentinean food until I want to throw out, and meet with old friends as this was the last time! 🙂

Once I made the decision (within 2 hours), I feel relieved and excited about the coming trip. Star instead is still concerned. I understand him. He’s under a lot of pressure and he doesn’t want to tell me every thought it came to his mind to not worry me. But at the same time, I want share his stress and concern. I want to let him know that we can accept even the worst scenario as long as we’re together. We shouldn’t be focusing what we will be missing, but instead, we need to think about what we already have. God is already extremely generous to us. God sent us this baby when we wanted it so badly and the timing is perfect!

Life is full of change, as we get older, we’re less ready to face changes, for good or bad. 

We can’t change the future, we can only expect for the best and be hopeful.

And most importantly

We can’t change the facts, but we can change our attitude toward it.



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3 responses to “Thoughts: how I embraze unexpected news

  1. aspiringsteph

    I like your final quote. I also believe your attitude is very important in life – Positivity is what brings happiness and joy. I also believe the everything happens for a reason, so I hope you have a safe, fun, and memorable trip in Argentina! 🙂

  2. andreaswellnessnotes

    Sorry things changed, but I really like your last quote. It’s my constant reminder…

    I’m glad you’ve decided to go on the trip by yourself! Have a great time!

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