Pregnancy journal: 13.5 weeks & we met him/her!!!

Last Tuesday marks 12W6D of this pregnancy and I was schedule to a specialized radiology place for a full scan. As usual, I was nervous. What if we don’t see the baby? what if the baby is not normal? what if …? All the worries went away within 2 min once we start the procedure. We saw him/her!!! And it’s real! It’s big (5.66 cm long). At first he/she seems to be sleeping but after 20 min of poking him/her, he/she started to move around! We even saw him/her pushing me using his tiny legs! I didn’t feel that at all, but it was really funny to see him/her move.


the following pic was the first image we saw of the baby. And we thought, what a big nose! Well… it was not his/her nose, but his/her fingers!!! Thanks doctor to letting me know that our baby is not an alien with a gigantic nose!



the entire procedure lasts about 30 min, the doctor checks all parts of my belly and measure baby’s length, neck thickness and nose size. Everything looks fine! 😆 What a big relieve! And then we did some blood test for the down syndrome.

We left the clinic with a DVD of the pics the doctor took during the scan. And we recorded the whole procedure using iPhone. I think it would be really fun to share that to the baby in the future! It’s so privilege to live in this technological world! 🙂

I finally announce the news on the blog! I’m so happy to share the news with all you people!!! 😆

How I’ve been feeling this week:

  • Pretty normal. I’ve been sleeping better, only woke up at 3 am twice! 🙂 Other nights I’d sleep 9 hours with 2-3 trips to the bathroom. I’m getting used to sleep-walking nowadays! 🙂
  • Cravings: none.
  • Appetite/hunger. Still not much appetite in general, but no nausea either.
  • Belly: it seems that I’ve grown a little bit from last week. Maybe I’m bloated again (kind of constipated these days)


not so much on this one


definitely a bump in this one


it seems that the belly is popping out between my abs muscles.


looking normal on this one.

  • Weight: 1 lb up from last week (2 lb down from pre-pregnancy)


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4 responses to “Pregnancy journal: 13.5 weeks & we met him/her!!!

  1. it’s so fascinating that we can image a tiny person before they are in the ‘real world’ so to speak! glad to hear you are sleeping better! keep eating fermented foods (it will aid your digestion and hopefully the irregularity!)

  2. andreaswellnessnotes

    I love the pics! I love looking at my children’s ultrasound pictures. 🙂

  3. Aww, I’m having baby fever this week. My friend brought over her new baby, Connor, and I fell in love. How exciting to finally see him/her on the ultrasound!

  4. kristaskravings


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