Pregnancy journal: 12.5 weeks & heart beat!

  • I went to the doctor office and I hear the heartbeat! How magical!!!! At first the doctor couldn’t find it… and those 30 secs seemed an eternity. Fortunately he found it and it was fast, at least double of mine! 🙂 What a relieve to know the baby is alive!!!
  • Sleep: I’ve been waking up at 2 or 3 AM and had to spend 2 hours reading/watching TV before being able to go back to sleep! Not fun!
  • Cravings: none.
  • Appetite/hunger: No appetite. Nothing seemed appetizing and I don’t get hungry often! 😦
  • Weight: -1 lb from last week (-3 in total from pre-pregnancy). The doctor told me that I’ve lost 2 lb since our last appointment (4 weeks earlier). I told him that I don’t have much appetite and I was worried that I’m not getting enough nutrients for the baby. He told me not to worry about it too much because the baby is really small and I have enough reserve to feed him/her. It’s normal for some woman to lose weights during the first trimester. We will gain it back later on. What a relieve to know that I’m doing fine and not hurting the baby.
  • Belly: I think the mini bump we saw last week was just bloating because from this week’s pic, I look pretty normal.



On this one, there seems to be something poking out between my arm muscles.


normal on this one. My mom asked me “any increase on the bump?” I told her:” sorry, I think we need to wait a little longer!”


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