Pregnancy journal: week 10 and pics

  • I’m feeling better this week. Almost no nausea and heartburn. Energy level is back a little, but not completely. Hunger level is normal but still not much appetite.
  • I browsed some old recipes on the blog and recreated some over the weekend. I really enjoyed them. Maybe my lack of appetite was because I was getting tired of my mom’s cooking, so I’m determined to bring back my cooking habits, maybe I’ll eat more this way.
  • I took some pics this weekend, in some it looks like a little bump is forming, in others no so clear


not so much on this one


on this one, my belly looks more rounded


the clearest show of the little bump


again, the roundness.

  • Despite the little bump, I lost 0.5 lb from last week. I think it’s due to lack of appetite and ability to enjoy food, despite my best effort to eat more. I’m not too worried because I know I’m eating enough food, mostly nutritious food. After 13 weeks, I should normalize and then I will start gaining.

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  1. Just catching up…major congrats Coco!! How very exciting for you :). Looking forward to following your exciting journey.

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