Pregnancy journal: 9 weeks

  • This week nothing major happened. I started to feel better, less nausea but more frequent heartburn. I might get twice a day if it’s a bad day. And it’s an awful feeling. It wouldn’t go away even if I drink or eat something. I found that some people suggests to eat saltine crackers. I got a package this weekend, hope it helps.
  • Sleep is great. 9-9.5 hours per night and no sleepiness during the day.
  • Still not much appetite, although I’ve been trying new dishes. At least I don’t feel nausea so I’ll eat whenever I had to.
  • I was constipated for 2 days, very unusual, so I took metamusil and it helped. I know constipation is a common thing during pregnancy, so I think I’ll take a tsp of mutamusil to keep things moving.
  • Despite all the food I’ve been eating, definitely more than I normal do because I get hungry more often and more intense, I lost a pound comparing to last week. 😦 My mom asked me yesterday, any sign on the belly? well… I think we have to wait for a while for it to happen.
  • Last night I dreamed with Dudu (a nickname Star and I have decided in case it’s a him). I was breastfeeding him and he kept changing one breast to the other. First I was confused if I had any milk, but then I saw some in his little cute mouth, I was relieved. During the dream, I felt like a mom already, I suddenly feel the closeness to our baby. I wanted to hold him all the time, look at him all the time. It was such an incredible feeling, something I never experienced before nor even imagined I would. But it was so real. I was like a preview of what’s going to happen in 7 or 8 months! 🙂 I really can’t wait!!!!
  • Nowadays, whenever Star and I are together, either doing something or just sitting on the couch/bed, we’d imagine having Dudu between us. What would our lives change after his arrival, what games Star wants to play with him, what education we want to give him, etc! It’s really nice to expect what’s in our near future. We’re both super excited for this new adventure, maybe the biggest one so far! 🙂


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2 responses to “Pregnancy journal: 9 weeks

  1. So exciting! You will be preparing for this baby in fun ways throughout the pregnancy, even just giving the baby a “name” has allowed you to accept that you will have a little one soon, and it’s no longer just you and Star. I think it’s wonderful.
    Are you still working out? That helps with the pregnancy constipation (most likely due to the iron you are taking).

    • balancejoyanddelicias

      Gina, yes I’m still working out everyday but less intense. Just low impact low intense cardio for 45 min, either incline walking or Ellipticals. It’s nice to start the day with some movement. 🙂

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