Pregnancy journal: 2/20 Heart beat at 8.5 weeks!!!

Last week I went to ob/gy for a sonogram to see if we see the baby and the heart beat. And we did!!!! 😆 It’s so magical that the sac has increased more than double its size from 2 weeks ago and the white thing inside the sac, maybe 1-2 cm is the baby and the heartbeat was fast!

All the blood test came back normal and the doctor estimates that I’m 8.5 weeks pregnant and the due time will be end of september. This seems surreal!

  • I continued to feel a little nausea here and there but less the last few days.
  • Taste bud is still all over the place. I had problem knowing what to eat. I think I like sandwich more than meals… so I had twice this week at work. For dinner I’ve been liking 菜泡饭 with spicy sauce. I like spicy food a lot but try to keep it moderate because it’s not good to eat too spicy while pregnant. Some people says it makes the baby’s skin not smooth or the baby very irritable.
  • Still no cravings. In general prefer savory, spicy food over sweets.
  • Sleep has been good this week. Except one day (we went to a party until 1am), I slept 9+ hrs and if I’m at home, I might take a nap as well.
  • Energy is back a little bit, but still tired most of the time.
  • Weight: back to pre-pregnacy weight (lost 1-2 lbs the first few weeks)
  • I told two more friends (Qiao and Belen) about the pregnancy. They’re both very happy for me, Belen even cried out of the happiness.

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  1. My sister-in-law is around 8.5 weeks too. I’m interested in tagging along on your pregnancy journey!

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