Life: weekly updates

  • We met the baby this week. It was the most real thing we’ve experience since we discover I’m pregnant! 😆
  • I booked ticket to Argentina! Star is going for business, my BFF is visiting her family in Buenos Aires, so I decided to go there to meet her! It has been 6 months since I started working and haven’t take any vacation. I don’t feel the need because the work is not stressful and I rest well on the weekends. But the fact that I’m going to meet my BFF, her husband and her mom really made me decide to go there! We met 16 years ago in Buenos Aires. Now we both live abroad, it’s nice to meet again in Buenos Aires.
  • Saturday: we invited a couple friend and Adam for dinner. I prepared a big spread of food for them.


as usual, red sauced pork


pork rib soup with chinese yam and carrot


Spicy whole tilapia. This dish is becoming a new staple at our party-dinner tables. Star approved it! 😉


spicy sauteed potatoes


kelp salad with garlic and chili


cucumber salad with garlic


scrambled egg with tomato


It was a nice dinner. Everyone enjoyed the food a lot. Once again, they made me proud of my cooking skills! 😉

  • Sunday: low key. It’s raining so we stayed home. Napping, watching TV and blogging. Maybe we’ll go for a walk later.

Q: What dish makes you proud of yourself?



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3 responses to “Life: weekly updates

  1. are you going to find out if it is a boy or girl or do you want that to be a surprise! good for you to take some needed time off! enjoy the fun before the baby arrives!!

  2. Stephanie

    i feel really proud when I recreate dishes that my mom used to make for me 😉 such as the seaweed soup I made few days ago!

  3. andreaswellnessnotes

    Glad you get to go to Buenos Aires and meet up with your BFF!!!

    Your dinner spread looks & sounds amazing!

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