Pregnancy journal: 2/3 first ob visit

Today we had the first ob/gy visit. I was quite nervous because although it was certain that I am pregnant, I still feel the butterfly in my stomach as something was going to happen. The doctor was recommended by Sarah’s friend and according to online review, he’s quite good.

After 20 min wait, we were introduced to the doctor office, I told him when was my last period, when I suspected that I ovulated and the blood test I had 10 days ago. He used a compass-like devise and told me that I’m approximately six weeks pregnant. I suspected that I’m less than that, but why argue, right? He then told us how we will proceed, like physical exam, blood and urine test, an ultrasound to see if we can see the heart beat (although is not likely to see it that early). And that he will see me every month and then more frequently the last two months. He told me not to gain more than 10kg (woo!!! such a relieve, I thought I had to eat like a beast to gain 20 or more kg to compensate my slim body), that I could continue my life normally, exercise as I used to, eat food that I like (good protein, a lot of veggies and whole grains, and NO sweets!), and that miscarriage happens 90% of the time due to conception imperfection and there’s little we can do to avoid it to happen. Perfect, that’s all I needed to hear! 🙂 I was relieved as he talked. Obviously for him is just a normal pregnancy and all is standard. From one hand I wish the doctor could be in our perspective and understand our insecurities, from the other hand, his relaxed attitude calms me because everything seems not so complicated and so dramatic as I imagined.

After the chat, I changed to the ultrasonic room. And this is what we saw! WOOOOOOOOO!!!


that black hole is the sac, where the baby will live for the next 8 months! He said that the size is normal for 6 weeks pregnancy. As expected, we didn’t see heartbeat. I am scheduled to go back in two weeks to hear see it! 🙂

Lastly we did blood work (two pinches this time! 👿 as my vein was so thin and not collaborative). Next Tuesday I’ll know the results and will know if the pregnancy is going normal. Can’t wait!!!

Other things since last report:

  • I started working out every morning again after a week of hiatus. It consists 45 min incline walking at 3.7 mi/hr at 4-6 incline. Sometime I throw 15 min ET in too. After that I’d do the arm work of Mat Work, the part without weight. My energy got back right away. I feel normal and energetic, nothing compared to the week that I didn’t workout. I also wear a heart monitor and keep the HR below 140, usually around 120.
  • Sleep is still not great. I wake up 1-2 times, sometimes I can go back to sleep right away, other times can’t. On Thursday, I woke at 2 AM and couldn’t sleep again. Not fun!
  • No nausea yet. My mom said she didn’t have it either so I might be one of the lucky ones who don’t get that. But there is some part of me that wish I had a little bit of nausea to confirm or feel this pregnancy! I know… I’m crazy but if you ever get pregnancy, you’ll understand.
  • No food cravings at all. Maybe I get hungry a little more often. Like 30 min before meal time I’d actually feel hungry (not so often before pregnancy) so I’d enjoy more the meals. I try to increase my protein intake making sure that in every main meals I’d have some source of protein. In the morning is usually eggs, lunch (fish/legumes/poultry), dinner (fish/tofu/meat). I’m not snacking a lot, maybe once in the afternoon. Overall, I think my strategy during this pregnancy would be to listen my body, eat whenever I am hungry, eat good food to nourish the baby and myself.
  • No weight gain yet and that’s normal for the first trimester as the baby is still the size of a green pea.

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