Pregnancy journal: 1/24, the day after

I didn’t sleep well last night…. actually very poorly. I woke up at 12:30 am and couldn’t fall to sleep again. My mind sprints about how life will change from now on, how should I take care myself to deliver the healthiest baby possible, the gyno appointment, the daycare sign up, etc.

I felt everything happened too fast, like everything I do in life. Efficiency seems to be my identity. 🙂

At 5:45 am this morning, I tested again… one strip and one digital. Although I was pretty sure that they will show up positive, I still couldn’t stare at the thing while it “process” the information. I played with the iphone and went back to check after 5 min. Two lines and “pregnant”!!! 😆

Star and my parents also didn’t sleep well…. we’re all just too excited and overwhelmed by the sudden news.

I went to the basement trying to do some walking. I started slowly (3.7 mile/hr) with incline 3. After few minutes, I felt my heart rate was up and started feeling hot. 2 more min I felt the right side of my belly toward the back was pinching every time I gave a step. I slowed it to 3.4 mile/hr, the discomfort continued. And I stopped at 12 min. 😯 It’s hard for someone who has taught her body to workout almost everyday for years and years to suddenly not workout at all, even walking. But I gave in…. now there’s nothing more important than this baby, nothing! The first months or 14 weeks is dangerous so I need to listen carefully to what my body tells me.  I might try again tomorrow and stop when it feels not right.

Instead, we took some belly pics as “before pics”. Needless to say nothing can be showed up at this moment, except my big boobs and bloated belly (the kind of bloating that I usually get before period, I guess this time it’s going to be a long bloating!), but I still wanted to take it. I will continue to take it every week. I want to record EVERYTHING about this pregnancy! I know it’s not going to be the last one (hopefully) but this first one is unique!

Once I got to work, I schedule gyno appointment for the first check-up, unfortunately it’s not going to happen next 2/3. So I made another appointment with my family doctor for some blood test, to confirm the fact once more.

I also register online for the daycare facility my work place provides. It would be so nice take the baby with me when I come to work in the morning, visit him/her during lunch time and take him/her back home at night. I just love how thoughtful is my work place! 🙂

I ordered 3 books already, what to expect when you are expecting, one for Star, how to workout during pregnancy and guide to a healthy pregnancy. I think from now on I won’t read anything not baby-related! 😆

Today I had lunch with Sarah talking about pregnancy issues. I felt super excited to share this moment with her but at the same time, knowing what she’s going through, I didn’t want to be over excited. It’s a subtile  feeling. I’m sure she’s happy for me, but at the same time, it puts more pressure on what she’s about to do.

I can’t wait to see how I look pregnant! Seriously, I want to see how my body transforms with the pregnancy. Some people barely changes, others doubled the size. Some gets really bad morning sick, or all day sickness as Heather put it. My cousin purged and stayed at the hospital for the entire three months, it was so bad that at the certain point my uncles told her to abort to end the pain. According to my mom, she didn’t feel much of the pregnancy, nor changed her body during and after the pregnancy. I hope I’m like her in that matter. I want to be a beautiful puffy pregnant woman, I want to enjoy the whole 9 months. 🙂



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2 responses to “Pregnancy journal: 1/24, the day after

  1. I love your attitude. Yes, enjoy the next 9 months, and make it the most memorable 9 months of your life!! You’ll never get it back, so why not have fun?! I can’t wait to start seeing pictures!

  2. Meaghan

    I hadn’t read your site for a week or two, and was surprised to read that you are pregnant!! Congratulations, Coco! I wish you the best of luck with the pregnancy. You’ll be a great mom!

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