Pregnancy journal: 1/23, the day we discover it!

It’s 1/23/2012. I woke up at 7am and went straight to the bathroom to do the test. I was hoping to see two lines because yesterday I saw a very very light pink line in one test, but the next test it came out white. Although I know it’s too soon to tell, from dr. google I find out that pregnancy test could be positive as early as 7-10 days after ovulation. I am almost sure that I ovulated on 1/13, so it’s 10 days after that. I have a chance to see positive today. I was hopeful, but not really expecting to see two lines.

I waited for 5 min (looking at iPad to kill those 5 min that seemed eternity), and it showed two pink lines!!! The second one is less intense than the control line, but it’s noticeable enough to not be confused. I went to wake up Star and told him to come to the bathroom. And I showed him! Both of us couldn’t believe that it was really happening. It was really shocking that our first month of really trying  (hard!) worked! It’s out of our expectation because our chance of naturally conceiving is lower than average… but still… i conceived at the first month!!!!

we hugged and tears came from the happiness and emotions we were going through. I’m soooo thankful! That’s what we, our four parents and our closest relatives wanted so badly at our current stage of life. At the same time badly afraid of not being able to start a family.

Star was still skeptical about the validity of the test. As we lied down on the bed, I was super excited and start working my mind of things that we will need to do, how I should schedule my life from now on. Star kept his excitement in medium range because he was afraid it was a false alarm. Which statistically is close to zero.

30 min later I tested again with another strip. It came out positive again, although the second line is lighter than the first test. It was because the hcg level in the urine is higher in the morning pee. And since it’s still very early in the pregnancy, I’m not producing high amount of hcg.

Star convinced me not to tell my parents until the next day, when I do another morning test to be more sure. It was hard… really hard to hold the excitement but I agreed because I really wouldn’t want to give them a false illusion, they want me to start having family sooooo much!!!

I was tired all day long but after nap… I took two more tests and they both came out positive (light color though). Now I think it’s pretty sure that I’m pregnant! 😆

It’s too early to notice any pregnancy symptoms…. so far I have these:

  • bigger boobs
  • constant bloated abdomen
  • getting tired more easily. I haven’t jog since I ovulated, and the cardio I’ve been doing tired me more easily than before. (I thought I was loosing my strength, but now I think it’s just pregnancy effect!)

Tomorrow I’ll read more about pregnancy as I would  internalize this AMAZING but SHOCKING news more. It is amazing because we really tried to get pregnant. It’s shocking because we didn’t expect to get pregnant the first month we try.



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5 responses to “Pregnancy journal: 1/23, the day we discover it!

  1. congratulations!!! so excited for you and your family 🙂

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Enjoy this very, very special time in your life!

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  4. Anonymous

    Hearty Congrats… 🙂 I hav been trying it from past 7 months.. But I m not getting pregnancy.. 😦

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