Food: meals

Since I rediscover my love (a short one) of stir-fries, I had it several times last week, mixed with other meals.

#1: lotus roots, bell peppers, onion, mushroom, bamboo, romaine and tofu with olive preserve olive leaf


served with oatmeal


#2 Miso soup with seaweed and mushrooms


It’s highly detoxing this soup.  I had it with a grilled wrap filled with scrambled tofu with onion and asparagus




#3 Seafood rice porridge


#4 Another stir fry made with onion, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, peppers, romaine and tofu with a miso-tahini-ginger sauce.


served with toasted tortilla


#5 A staple soup (that I’m getting sick of): tomato seaweed soup with tons of white pepper


tortilla pizza using May’s magical sauce


I follow almost exactly her method

1. Heat the tortilla on stove in a oven prove pan

2. Spread it with 2 tbsp of tomato paste mixed with italian seasoning and minced garlic

3. Top veggies as desire. I used broccoli and eggplant this time.

4. Spread the magical cheeseless sauce: 2-3 tbsp hummus, 1 tbsp nutrition yeast, 1 tbsp water

5. Dizzle tahini (I used 1/2 tbsp) diluited with water

6. Broil for 5 min until cripsy

7. Cut it with something really sharp! (I’m getting a pizza cutter tonight!)


Fantastic meal! I enjoyed every bite of it! Besides that this is more healthy than conventional pizza, I like its taste much more and it won’t disturb my stomach and guts!!! YEAH~ Obviously I’m going to have it more… hopefully I don’t get sick of it too soon!

Q: Do you like unconventional pizza? which one?


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5 responses to “Food: meals

  1. Stephanie

    Some of your dishes remind me of the ones I ate as a child! Especially the rice porridge – used to eat them all the time when I got sick 🙂
    Our family used to eat out at Domino’s a lot, and one of my favorite menus (in Korea) was curry fish. They had peaces of catfish and curry sauce with vegetables including potato. Sounds strange, but it was absolutely delicious!

  2. Tahini on a pizza?! I love this! I do like unconventional pizzas. I basically make mine “unconventional” by adding random ingredients, like sweet potato , butternut squash, and broccoli. Now I want pizza 🙂

  3. stir fries are a quick and easy meal, and i love that the possibilities for variety are endless!

  4. I sent you an email because I haven’t been able to comment. Just playing around to figure out how to comment…

  5. I’ve been dying for a good stir fry! Now I’m inspired, thanks doll! Mmm, and that pizza looks pretty fantastic too!

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