Food: new lunches

Last week I tried some new lunch combos:

#1 Subway sandwich with veggies and veggie patty


a thick paty


#2 Chopped salad at Chop’t


I ordered it with romaine, musclun mix, carrot, cucumber, broccoli, avocado and chickpeas with honey dijon dressing


it came with some thin bread which I didn’t like at all. The salad was a nice change to my old warm lunches. I think as the weather gets warm, I’ll order it more often.

#3: green rice, beef strip with bell pepper and onions, and sautéed zucchinis.


I think my tummy can’t digest well so much meat in one meal. I was bloated and constipated for few days after that meal. 👿


I tried one of the mini-desserts at our cafeteria. I like how cute and tiny it is. The taste? fairly good for a cafeteria standard.

Q: What do you have for lunch at work?



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5 responses to “Food: new lunches

  1. That sub doesn’t look too tasty, Coco….but the salad looks super refreshing. I agree; I think that salad becomes more appealing as the weather warms up. I usually take leftover for lunch…

  2. We eat very little meat these days, and we ate quite a bit the other day and had tummy issues for days…

    I usually am able to come home for lunch in between teaching classes. Most days I eat a salad or leftovers.

  3. cute dessert! our little cafe doesn’t even have salad! it’s fried crap + coffee so i bring my lunch every day. usually i bring raw nuts, a small piece of fruit, veggies that i heat up or a salad and a protein (leftover meat from dinner, tinned fish or hard boiled eggs).

  4. I don’t work outside of the home (stay at home mom), but I would totally dig that salad. That looks good. I looove salads.

    And whaaaaat is green rice? I’ve never heard of it, I don’t think.

  5. Oh say what?! Subway carries veggie patties? Never knew that, haha. When I was working, I’d always bring my own lunches. The portions are right, the ingredients are my own, and it saves money 😀

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