Food: eating out

We found a new chinese restaurant close by that we all enjoy a lot, Asian Delight Restaurant in Fairfax. We went there twice and both times the food was fantastic.

The first time we ordered japanese tofu with mushrooms


sautéed chinese mustard with garlic


beef and chinese radish pot


steamed white salmon


and sauteed lotus root with fish balls (my favorite!)


the second time (last Saturday) we went back with Qiao and we ordered tofu with salty fish


a soup made with white asparagus, egg white and fake crab meat


sauteed lotus root, this time without the fish balls…. and we all agreed that with fish ball was better!


sautéed chinese green with garlic


and shrimp with green peppers and onions


as complementary dessert, we had aduki bean soup with rice balls, delish~


we’re definitely going back! It’s one of the few chinese restaurants that I like!

Q: Have you found any new restaurant lately?



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5 responses to “Food: eating out

  1. No new restaurants lately, but the one you found looks awesome!

  2. Ommmgshhhh I NEEED to find myself a good chinese restaurant in l.a. or o.c.!!! This looks so delicious~Good mix of meat and veggies, too.

  3. oh my gosh that looks so amazing x

  4. Happy to know more & more decent Chinese is opening in NoVA instead of Rockville. Will keep this place in mind. I also recommend Mala-Tang at Arlington and the famed Peking Gourmet Inn at Falls Church.

  5. All that food looks so good! Especially that fish and tofu dish :d
    What was your favourite?

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