Life: weekly updates

This past week some minor improvement to the house were done.

#1 A lamp to be beloved dressing room


I bought this ceiling lamp 3 months ago and the person who did the renovation only managed to come to install it yesterday.  I love love love how it fits to the style of the room. soooooo chic and glamour! 🙂


#2: rug for the living room.


I wanted to get a rug for the living room for a long time until I saw this one which was on a great deal and I like the pattern.

#3 not a home improvement, but a makeup procedural improvement 😯  It’s the beauty blender


An egg-shaped sponge that makes applying foundation soooo easy. After applying foundation with this, the skin is smooth, dewy and super natural look. I highly recommended it.

I started to read girl in translation. I read half of it already… fascinating! 🙂


– We went to a friend’s birthday party on Saturday at an italian restaurant. I ordered gnocchis and Star ravioli with spinach and cheese, I tried the gnocchis and decided to exchange with Star. Somehow when we went back, I got hungry again and had wonton’s at 11pm! 😯

– We went to a Chinese New Year performance at my grad school. A good friend of us played piano. As I watched the performances of some graduate students, it reminded me the five years of grad student life that I had. Although it ended just last year, but as my life has changed so much since then, it seems a long time ago.  I felt that I should have enjoyed it more that time, I shouldn’t have stressed about my research so much. But I guess it’s human nature to always focus on the downside of any moment of our lives. We tend to magnify the problem/worry and minimize the rest of it.

Q1: Do you have any must-have makeup utensil?

Q2: What do you remember the most from grad school or college life?



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4 responses to “Life: weekly updates

  1. late night munchies huh? 😉 that is a gorgeous light fixture in your dressing area! my must have makeup utensil is a thin brush to do my liquid eyeliner! i had the time of my life in college. i chose to get A & B grades so I could have fun. a 4.0 i could have had but I really wanted to have fun too!

  2. I adore the light fixture AND the rug. You have amazing taste, Coco!

  3. Oh I love that chandelier! It’s beautiful.
    My favorite makeup tool isn’t a tool, but a product. It’s Larinem foundation (powder). It goes on so smooth and feels weightless!

  4. sounds like you have been super busy!
    i love the chevron pattern of your new rug…gorgeous!

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