Food: lunch at Chez Francois

Yesterday we went to L’auberge Chez Francois to have lunch as to say goodbye to my Dad who left on this morning.


It’s a traditional french cuisine restaurant with nice ambiance, good service and delicious food. Star found it and I must say he was a great find. 🙂

while we go through the extensive menu, warm onion baguette and bread were served


We decided to try the lunch menu that they offer, starting with a pre-appetizer: mini quiche


as appetizer mom chose: Fresh mussels with garlic butter as in Provence

dad and Star both opted for the lobster bisque


I had A crêpe with chives, stuffed with a duxelle of mushrooms, tomato concassé, Madeira sauce


after appetizer, house salad for everyone


as entree: mom had Pinot Noir boneless braised beef short ribs with seasonal vegetables

I helped her with one piece, it was scrumptious!!!!! I don’t usually like beef, but I do like this kind, A LOT!

Dad had Fresh trout sautéed with seasonal vegetables and toasted almonds


Star tried the Fresh calf’s liver sautéed with bacon, caramelized onions and vegetables


and I picked Beef Bourguignon, spaëtzles and seasonal vegetables


I had a little over half of the portion, which is a lot of meat! It was so good that I’m now determined to find a recipe for this and recreate it at home!!!!

As dessert, mom had plum tart with cinnamon ice cream


Dad’s: assorted house ice cream and sorbet in tulip


Star had cheesecake


and I picked grandma’s bread pudding


Overall, we’re really impressed by the cuisine, specially that crepe dish and meat dishes! We’re definitely going back for more!!!


my lovely parents who has been here helping me out with the house work and cooking for the last 3 months. I’m glad that mom is staying for two more months! 🙂

the decor of this place is very hommy! 🙂

the family~~~ 🙂

Q: What’s your favorite french dish? Mine is definitely the meat dishes!



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5 responses to “Food: lunch at Chez Francois

  1. i love french food! my fave dish is Tartare de bœuf, so simple but so tasty and i’ve only even eaten it in paris. i’m going back in may and will definitely have it again! that’s so nice that your mom can stay with you for a while longer!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever had French food like that. I’ve had crepes before which I love! The one you had looks delicious!

  3. Annie

    omg i love french food!! especially mussels

  4. What a nice meal!

    I spent a summer in France over 20 years ago, and my fondest memories are of all the delicious crepes that I ate.

  5. Everything looks HEAVENLY! I rarely eat at French restaurants, so I can’t even say I have a favorite French dish (I didn’t even know they served mussels and lobster bisque at french restaurants!). I do love croissants…does that count?!

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