Food: Chinese food with African friends

It seems that we need an excuse every week to have friends come over for a meal! 🙂 I love hosting friends and cooking, so I guess once a week is a minimum!

Last Sunday we invited Sarah and her husband Bami to come over for dinner. Bami is a photo-taking addict, he just enrolled into a year long course!


the usual suspects: chinese potato, carrot and pork ribs soup

red sauce pork

spicy fish

sauteed cauliflower with black fungus and pork

sauteed greens with ginger and garlic

sauteed potatoes with chili pepper, Sarah called it “chinese fries” 🙂

the whole feast

Bami also likes to take portraits. so we “had” to pose for him 😉

Q: How often do you get to see your friends? I’m lucky to have friends who work closeby if not in the same organization I am, so I see them in a weekly basis, some even daily basis! How lucky I am!!! 😆



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3 responses to “Food: Chinese food with African friends

  1. Everything looks delicious as always! Nick and I will come over for dinner any time 🙂
    Our friends live pretty close, actually, but we only see them once or twice a week. Nick and I try to do something with a group of friends each weekend. Sometimes it’s his friends, other times it’s mind, sometimes it’s both!

  2. Every time I see your red sauce pork I want to eat it! It always looks so delicious to me! We are often out of the house on weekends for Noah’s hockey/soccer so I don’t have as much time to entertain as I’d like…

  3. What a beautiful spread of food! I’m sure it was delicious and the company was wonderful too! Happy Friday, my dear!

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