Girl: dream closet

Let me proudly present you one of my favorite room of our house! From designing to assembling, I was in charge of the whole process and really proud of the end product. Every girl who visited it loves it. “It’s the dream closet of all girls“, they say!:)

The room was originally a one of the four bedrooms in the second floor and I gave it a complete makeover to make it my personal closet! 🙂 I was not sure at first how the color will match, it might be a bit risky to paint the whole room such a strong and eclectic color. Fortunately, the mix of plum, gold, bordeaux and dark brown combined perfectly to create the eclectic and glamour look that I wanted.

From the entrance


on the left of the entrance


book shoe shelf


Elf unit #1


the wall color is plum purple


upper part for shirt, cardigan, sweaters and short jackets, lower left for skirts, middle for scarfs, shorts and tees, right for pants


a big mirror and a big ottoman


elf unit #2: top 2 shelfs for bags, lower part for outwear, winter dresses and long sweaters.


this is the closet of the room, I used for boots and jeans


over the door, I used a shoe organizer for tights so I can see the color and the pattern of the tight


I love walking into the room every morning! although I spend less than 20 min per day, it makes me the daily dressing up act an extraordinary experience!!! 😆

List of products:

Elf unit, containerstore

shoe shelf, ikea

mirror, ikea

ottoman, hautelook

shoe organizer (used for tights), walmart

wall painting, tuesdaymorning



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5 responses to “Girl: dream closet

  1. GREAT job! It truly is a dream closet! Getting dressed must be so much fun! 🙂

  2. LOVE IT!!! The colour is great, it’s spacious and I’m in love with that ottoman! 🙂

  3. InSANE! I love it girl! The bookcase is brilliant! xo

  4. dannnnnnnnnnng! i could live in there! i love it! haha, the ottoman is a nice touch to ponder future outfits 🙂

  5. Bethany

    I love the ottoman too. That shoe collection looks amazing! The bookshelf makes it super cute.

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