Life: 2012 resolutions

It’s time everyone is setting new year resolutions. I’m not pro-resolution per se because I think whenever someone wants to change something, just do it, there’s no need to wait until the new year to start it. But at the same time I think it’s good to sit and think what expectations we have for the year to come and things we’d like to improve. Pause and reflect is important to stay in the course.

Things I want to do more:

  • Reading. I didn’t do much reading last year and I really want to get back to it because I always feel rewarded afterward and when I find a good book, I could be so happy. I will try to mix books that are informative, like learning about a topic or a person, and books that are just fun to read. A friend told me that reading (just for fun) is great for our imagination! So true. Currently, I have four books (reading 3 of them now). And I must say, I really really enjoy reading!!!! How I missed you, books! 🙂


  • Baking: it might sound stupid but baking relaxes me, more than cooking. The simple act of mixing, waiting for it to be baked, is relaxing and a mental gateway.
  • Beauty routines: I’m already doing it in a weekly basis. Bathing, facials, manicure, hair styling, makeup, putting together pieces for an outfit, they are all vain things to do, but for girls, it could be a spiritual experience. 🙂
  • Love my husband more: I didn’t have it in my list but my friend Sarah told me that it’s her top resolution. And I thought it’s a great one for me too. Star is the best man, best husband I could ever meet. His dedication to me, to my family is impeccable. Often I’m touched by his small gestures to show his love. I really want to make him an even happier man because he deserves it and because it makes me happy to see him happy.
  • Spending more time with friends and family. This is also something that I’ve been doing more since last year and I want to continue because it’s really the thing that makes me the happiest!
  • Budgeting: I have a nickname among my friends: the girl without budget! Well… I think it’s time to set one. I have no clue how,  so I’d love to hear your finance tips. Like how much do you save? do you plan how much to spend on each category each month (like groceries, rent/mortgage, gifts, travel and shopping)?
Q: What are yours? and What are your finance tips?


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3 responses to “Life: 2012 resolutions

  1. Great goals you have, Coco! I particularly like the baking one and the “love my husband more” one. That’s such a noble thing to attain. 🙂

  2. Great resolutions, Coco! I should set some for myself…

  3. How is Krugman’s book? I actually don’t like his blog that much. I read Robert Reich a lot 😉

    Budgeting… ugh! I have a template for it somewhere but I’ve never actually done it. Bobby and I are going to need to start budgeting soon though because of a large purchase we will be making 😀 Ah here it is (Google docs) –

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