Girly: outfits 8

Last week was another short week for me. Here are the 4 looks of the week and 1 over the weekend


coat (China), pant (BR), blazer (BR), bag (Prune). This is the third bag Star got me from Argentina.


cardigan (BR), tank (Jcrew), skirt (forever 21), necklance (old)


skirt (China), cardigan (Jcrew), necklance (Kevia Jewelry, got it via MyHabit)


coat, skirt and shirt (China), bag (Kate Spade), shoe (Ann Taylor), cardigan (Anthropologie) necklace (Jcrew)


a fun look last weekend 🙂

Q: Do you dress the same way during the week and weekend? I don’t. In weekends, I’m much more relaxed and I dress a little crazy for my mom’s taste, I’d say more playful. 🙂



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4 responses to “Girly: outfits 8

  1. I dress a little “crazier” when I’m with my mom too! She likes patterns and color, which is outside my comfort zone, but I’m starting to like it more.
    I love you in purple! Maybe that’s because it’s my favorite color 🙂

  2. my faves are the navy pleated skirt (darling!), the kate spade bag! your outfits are adorable! i dress pretty similar at work/weekends. though on the weekend, my skirt line is def shorter and/or i love shorts + tights! so i suppose i’m more playful on the weekends as well. some weekends i go the complete opposite and wear leggings & boots + comfy loose top for more casual wear.

  3. I dress up for teaching my classes and office hours. But I do most of my prep work and grading at home, and as soon as I get home I change into comfy clothes. So I spend most of my time in casual & very comfy (and sometimes a bit crazy!) clothes… 🙂 In fact, I bought some Italian leggings on my trip, and hubby thought they were pajamas because the pattern and colors are so “out there!” Oh well… 😉

  4. em

    coco-i seriously need you to come shopping with me! 🙂 right now i’m looking for cute work skirts/dresses. i really like the combos you put together.

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